Lee Da-yeon (26, Mediheal) won the top spot in the regular tour (first division) of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) after 610 days (1 year, 8 months, 2 days).

At the Lakewood Country Club mountain path (OUT) forest path (IN) course (par 72, 6570 yards) in Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, the ‘Kris FNC 45th KLPGA Championship’ was held from April 27 to 30 with a total prize money of 1.3 billion won.

In the 6th tournament of the 2023 KLPGA regular tour and the first major tournament of the season, Lee Da-yeon won the championship prize of 234 million won by beating the second place group by 4 strokes with a final total of 13 under par 275 strokes (70-68-69-68). receive

It is a total of 7 wins on the KLPGA Tour. For the first time since the Hanwha Classic two seasons ago, she won the tournament organized by the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association.

It is also the third major tournament victory on the KLPGA regular tour following the 2019 Kia Motors 33rd Korea Women’s Open Golf Championship and the 2021 Hanwha Classic.

3 wins in major tournaments tied for 6th in the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association. Lee Da-yeon became one of seven KLPGA regular tour players who won three major tournaments, along with Ji-ae Shin (5 wins), Ha-na Jang, Hyo-joo Kim (4 wins), Min-ji Park, In-ji Jeon, and Hee-kyung Seo (3 wins). .

As Kris FNC reached the top of the 45th KLPGA Championship, Lee Da-yeon won the 2023 Korea Women’s Professional Golf Championship in 5 categories, ▲ 2nd in prize money ▲ 2nd in average strokes ▲ 4th in average putting ▲ 5th in TOP10 (%) and 6th in target points. It entered the top 10 of the regular association tour.

Lee Da-yeon received 3,341,318,103 won on her KLPGA regular tour with 135 appearances. The total prize money of 143 games of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association, including the Dream Tour (second division) and the jump tour (third division), is 3,353,352,928 won.

Below is the full interview with Kris F&C’s 45th KLPGA Championship winner Lee Da-yeon.

– It’s your 3rd win in a major tournament, how do you feel?

▲ I had an injury and came back after a long time, but I was able to gain strength because many people supported me. It’s unbelievable, but I’m grateful that the result of my best effort was winning.

– Did you think you’d win this fast?

▲ I had no idea. I thought I had to come back by summer to adapt and improve my performance, but my performance improved faster than I thought.

– What motivated you to win the championship quickly?

▲ Mental strength was the most important. Everyone has great skills. I thought it was important how much you believed in me. I paid the most attention to that part from the time I was preparing for the final round. I tried not to be shaken by external stimuli.

– Where exactly was the surgery and how was the rehabilitation done?메이저사이트

▲ I did both the wrist and elbow. At first, it was not easy to even lift a hand, so I rehabilitated step by step, starting with breaking a joint. He thinks he’s done very well with his rehabilitation.

– Why does your wrist hurt?

▲ Compared to what I have, I used it a lot, so it piled up and my ligaments got worse. It was difficult because the pain was so severe, and I worked hard, but it seems that it was mentally difficult to be in pain like this. There is no problem with the game now, and I think it will get better in the future.

– 3 out of 7 wins are major tournaments?

▲ Winning a major tournament has a great meaning. I won in a difficult course setting, so I feel good in that I have a good performance. Winning a major tournament gives me great confidence. In the beginning, I thought a lot, ‘Am I lacking because I haven’t won a major tournament?’ I will continue to challenge myself so that I can win the remaining two competitions. I will prepare well and lead to good results.

– You won at the beginning of the season, but do you think you need to revise your goals?

▲ Goals should be modified, of course. The goal of winning more is important, but I think it is more important that I can continue to challenge myself. I think I will repeat the challenge and preparation this season as well.

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