These days, when Arsenal is competing for the lead in the English Premier League (EPL), the performance of players out on loan is also a hot topic.슬롯사이트 A typical example is Polarin Balogan, who is on loan to Reims in France and is running for the top scorer. And center back Pablo Mari, who was Arsenal’s main player for a short time, is also doing well on the Italian stage.

Marie is a center back acquired by Arsenal in the form of a complete transfer after renting in 2020. The transfer fee Arsenal spent was 12 million pounds (approximately 18.6 billion won). Immediately after going to England, Marie performed well enough to be the starting lineup, but was soon pushed out as prospects with a brighter future, such as Gabriel Magalyangis, took over. Following Udinese in the second half of last season, this season he is on loan at Monza, continuing his career in Italy.

At the beginning of the season, Marie was absent from a shopping mall in Milan, Italy after being attacked with a weapon by a gunman. Not only was it a dangerous situation, but a muscle injury to his back could have a long-lasting effect on his performance. Arsenal players also performed for Marie. After his treatment and rehabilitation, he returned to the lineup only in January of this year.

As Marie started to run, Monza’s rise gained wings. Promoted side Monza were already on the rise after sacking manager Giovanni Stroppa at the beginning of the season and appointing manager Raffaele Paladino. Mari has greatly stabilized the team’s defense. In the second half of the game, which resumed after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Marie recorded 6 starts and 2 substitutions (including cup competitions). Monza’s record during this period was 3 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss. It is also noteworthy that he only won when he introduced Mari as a starter. Impressive performances continued, including a goalless win in an away game against Juventus and a 2-2 draw with Inter Milan.

Italian media ‘Calcio Mercato’ said of his recent performance, ‘He is an excellent defensive commander and sets an example as a professional player. He has come back after enduring difficult times and is showing that he is not afraid of anything. ‘He is one of the best players in Monza’s undefeated team,’ he said.

He has managed to revive, but that doesn’t mean Arsenal are unlikely to return and use him as a key player next season. There was a game that showed competitiveness in England, but the evaluation that the Italian stage is more suitable is dominant. It is known that if Monza avoids relegation, the full transfer clause will be automatically triggered. It is a good deal for Monza as the full transfer condition is only 7 million euros (approximately 9.7 billion won).

Monza is a team managed by former AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi, who is famous for being a politician with three terms as the Prime Minister of Italy and synonymous with ‘sports politics’. So far, Berlusconi’s wealth and the skills of CEO Adriano Galliani, who served as Milan’s general manager for a long time, have been added to reinforce their strength. It is an upward trend to settle in Serie A this season and aim for European competition next season. Marie is one of the players at the center.

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