“I will do better than last year if I play with the focus on the team winning rather than my personal greed and follow the rules. I really want to go to the playoffs.”

Kwon Soon-woo (188cm, G) averaged 15.6 points, 6.6 rebounds and 2.1 assists in the college basketball league last year. The score was the highest on the team.

Sangmyung University welcomed the college basketball league this year with better power than last year. Unlike last year, Kim Tae-ho, who was a transfer student, was able to participate immediately, and freshman Choi Jun-hwan joined the team to improve his height.

Amid the change in power, Kwon Soon-woo’s role also changed.

Kwon Soon-woo, who met ahead of the confrontation with Chung-Ang University on the 28th, said, “It is not as easy as I thought. He has changed a lot from last year. What I had to do last year and what I had to do this year were very different. I am trying to do only what the coach tells me to do,” he said. This year, Kim Jung-hyun and Kim Tae-ho are doing very well, so I just need to adjust those parts well, and I have to rebound, defend, and do a lot of dirty work,” explaining his role this year, which has changed.

Kwon Sun-woo, who has been outstanding in scoring since high school, said, “I do my strengths, but don’t be too greedy, and even Hong Dong-myeong did everything well, so it’s first for the team to play winning games without dwelling on scoring. I am not greedy and I am doing it.”

Sangmyung University’s center of gravity this season is focused on Kim Tae-ho, Kim Jeong-hyeon, and Choi Jun-hwan.

Kwon Soon-woo said, “The two players (Kim Tae-ho and Kim Jeong-hyun) play a lot with the ball, they do well when they need to score, and they lead the team well.” “Choi Jun-hwan is also doing well. He does better in the bottom-of-the-box fight. (Last year) My rebound dropped, but I lost less than last year. Junhwan is also good at making decisions, so he scores well.”메이저사이트

Kwon Soon-woo, who humbled himself infinitely, said, “I never thought I was good at basketball. He wants to make the parts that are not his strengths his strengths, and he wants to be a player for the team. I try to be for the team rather than my greed,” he said. Rather than trying to do well, if you follow the rules one by one, you can do better than last year. I only think about the team because the team wins more than my individual goals.”

When I wondered if Sangmyung University, which is evaluated as having improved power, was actually showing better game content, Kwon Soon-woo said, “Except for the game against Kyunghee University, it was a worse game than last year. Originally, it was better, but Choi Jun-hwan is also a freshman, and I played with Kim Tae-ho for the first time, so my limbs don’t fit perfectly. In the future, I will be able to show better power than last year,” he said. “Last year, Jung Joo-young gave all the other 4 opportunities and defended. This year, Taeho hyung is seeing number 1 (point guard) for the first time. Basketball, played by all five players, is worse than last year.”

Despite focusing more on defense than offense, Kwon Soon-woo is averaging 11.5 points, 4.8 rebounds and 2.0 assists in 4 games this season.

Kwon Soon-woo said, “I will do better than last year if I play with the focus on the team winning rather than my personal greed and follow the rules. I really want to go to the playoffs.”

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