“With an X-bitten expression… It exists thanks to the fans”. 

Oh Jae-won, a commentator at SPOTV, told the YouTube channel Den Magazine about Park Chan-ho, “I hate him so much. I’m a normal person so I can talk. He is the creator of the word “Korean Express,” which shines our country, but it seems that the people do not know the heart and gratitude of the people who woke up at dawn and cheered.”메이저사이트

Also, “There are not 1 or 2 players who made a fool while commenting once. It seems that he has never been held responsible for it. The importance of words is great while commenting.”  

However, this remark was criticized by baseball fans. Currently, if you go into Commissioner Oh Jae-won’s channel, there are a lot of comments from fans complaining. Personally, I have feelings of regret for Park Chan-ho, but the absolute majority of responses say that I do not know why he is bringing up the people. There is no real correlation.

Oh Jae-won had to listen to Kwon Ah-sol, who is active in mixed martial arts Road FC, through Park Chan-ho’s sniping. On this day, Kwon Ah-sol recalled Oh Jae-won’s active career through his Facebook page. He wasn’t feeling well.

Kwon Ah-sol said, “I feel sorry for you too, Oh Jae-won,” and said, “Ten years ago, Hong Young-ki asked me to take a picture because he was a fan.

The last word was meaningful. Kwon Ah-sol said, “It’s not because of you that the fans exist, but because of the fans, you exist.”

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