You caught the rabbit well. Korean Air, which won the V-League men’s division championship for three consecutive seasons, signed setter Kwang-woo Yoo, apogee Dong-hyuk Lim, and middle blocker Jae-young Cho, who qualified as free agents.

The Korean Air club officially announced on the 18th that it had signed contracts with FA target players in the team, Kwang-Woo Yoo, Dong-Hyeok Lim, and Jae-Young Cho. Kwang-woo Yoo earned a total of 252 million won (annual salary of 170 million won, option 82 million won), Dong-hyeok Lim paid a total of 500 million won (annual salary of 350 million won, option was 150 million won), and Jae-young Jo made a total of 460 million won (annual salary of 300 million won, an option of 150 million won). 106 million won option) each signed.

All three players have contracts for three years. The club said, “By signing all the FA target players who led the integrated championship for three consecutive years and the team’s first treble, we will be able to raise expectations for the combined championship again next season.” and fully proved their worth.”

After signing the contract, Yoo Kwang-woo expressed his feelings through the club, saying, “I want to help create a team that can always aim for the championship, and a stronger team.” 바카라사이트

Veteran setter Yoo Kwang-woo graduated from Inchang High School and Inha University and was selected by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance with the second pick in the first round of the 2007-08 rookie draft. He played for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance until 2017, went through our card and wore a Korean Air uniform in 2019.

He played well behind starting setter Han Seon-soo, his same age and draft motive. Lim Dong-hyuk also said, “I am happy to be able to sign again with a great coaching staff, excellent players, and a strong club.”

Lim Dong-hyuk was nominated by Korean Air in the 1st round, 6th place in the 2017-18 season rookie draft during his senior year at Jecheon Industrial High School. This was his first personal FA qualification.

Cho Jae-young said, “As a one-team man, I always had the pride of being a member of the Korean Air volleyball team.” He emphasized, “I am satisfied to have signed a good contract, and I will continue to work hard to become a player who contributes to winning championships in the future.”

Cho Jae-young graduated from Seonggogo High School and Hongik University, and wore a Korean Air uniform with the 2nd pick in the 3rd round in the 2013-14 season rookie draft. He is cited as a success story of his position change.

At the time of his joining, he was noticed as a tall setter, but moved to a middle blocker and is responsible for the height of his team.

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