Chung Chansung and Li Jingliang will be coaching the lightweight quarter-final bout between Ki Ki Bin and Baha Terboro Baha Terborani at Road to UFC in Shanghai on 28 November.

Ki-bin Kim is a protégé of Chung Chan Sung. He lost in the quarter-finals last season, but is determined to win the rematch to earn a spot in the UFC.메이저놀이터

Vaterborani is a student of UFC welterweight fighter Li Jingliang and is coached by him.

Vaterborani taunted Ki-bin by saying that he was “like a good-looking model” and that he should “go into that line of work.

Meanwhile, Li Jingliang, who will corner Chung Chansung, said, “Chung Chansung is a legend I admire. I want to drop down to lightweight and fight him once.”

Chung said, “I’m very honoured. I’ll try to gain weight quickly.” He immediately responded.

If Chung were to fight at featherweight and Li Jingliang at welterweight, they would be at lightweight, which is the middle ground, but there is no reason for them to fight and they won’t. It was just a light-hearted joke out of respect.

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