Korea, which is aiming for the top spot in the World 3-Cushion Team Championship for the first time in five years since the last 2018 tournament, lost in the first match of the preliminaries and showed an uneasy start.

Kim Haeng-jik and Heo Jeong-han’s Korea lost to “Dark Horse” Mexico 0:2 in the first round of Group B at the “2023 World Team 3-Cushion Championships” held in Bearson, Germany, on the morning of the 10th (Korean time). In the other match in Group B, Germany took first place in Group B by beating Egypt.

◆Kim Haengjik, 38:40 upset come-from-behind defeat to Hernandez… Jeonghan Heo 34:40 Vera

Haengjik Kim consistently led Christian Hernandez, but allowed a turnaround at the last minute and lost with 38:40 (27 innings). Kim Haeng-jik took the lead with two long hits (5 points, 6 points) from the beginning and took a 13:4 lead in 5 innings. However, from the 15th inning, he scored only 2 runs in 10 innings and allowed a chase, and allowed a tie at 33:33 in the 24th inning.

In the 25th inning, Hernandez, the ‘first striker’, turned around with 4 points, but Kim Haeng-jik immediately added 4 points and tied the game again at 37:37. At the end of the 26th inning, Hernandez scored 2 points and became the match point, and Kim Haeng-jik, who took over the offensive, hit an empty hit, and Hernandez added the last 1 point in the 27th inning, reaching 40 points first. Kim Haeng-jik, who started the ‘Hooko’ attack, only scored 1 goal and gave up his first game with 38:40.

Heo Jeong-han lost to Javier Vera with 34:40 (29 innings). Heo Jeong-han recorded consecutive empty hits in the first five innings of the game, leading to 0:12. Heo Jeong-han narrowed the gap to 9:12 with a high run of 9 points in the 6th inning, but only added 3 points in the next 8 innings, and the score gap widened further to 12:25 in the 14th inning.

A similar pattern followed afterwards. Heo Jeong-han scored a high-run 6 in the 15th inning and seemed to rein in the chase again at 18:27, but after that, the score gap continued to widen for a while, reaching 25:38 in the 27th inning. In the 28th inning, Jeong-Han Heo scored another 8 points in the 28th inning, and in 33:39, Vera reached 40 points first, and in the 29th inning, Jeong-Han Heo only scored 1 point, and the game ended as it was. 카지노사이트

After losing the first match, Korea Republic remained in third place in the group behind Germany and Mexico.

In the match between Germany and Egypt in the same group, Germany won. Germany defeated Sameh Sidom 40:19 thanks to Martin Horn’s ‘high run 12 points’, and Cengiz Karaka won Riad Nadi 40:39 (30 innings) to rise to first place in the group.

◆Turkeye in Group A, the first win after defeating the United States… Group C Netherlands, Group D Sweden 1st place

The ‘defending champion’ Türkiye overwhelms the United States and rises to No. 1 in Group A. Türkiye defeated Hugo Patino 40:11 in 17 innings with 16 high-runs by Semi Cygner, the ‘Wizard’. He won easily with 40:17 (24 innings). In Greece, Nikos Polychronopoulos defeated Ryuji Umeda, but Costas Antonatos lost to Takao Miyashita and drew.

In Group C, the Netherlands of Dick Jaspers (1st place) and Jean-Paul Dubrouin and the Netherlands of Daniel Sanchez (2nd place) and Ruben Legazpi (19th place) beat France and Jordan side by side to take 1st and 2nd place with one win. went up

In Group D, where the only two games were played on the day, Tobjorn Bromdal (7th) – Michael Nielsen (28th) Sweden took 1st place with 1 win and 1 draw, and Tranquietchien (10th) – Ning Dukan Chien (17th) Vietnam finished second with 1 win and 1 loss. In particular, Vietnam’s Tranquietchien showed explosive attacks by scoring 15 high runs against Bromdal and 17 high runs against Arnim Kahofer (Austria).

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