Kim Seo-yoon (21, Celltrion) raised the corner of her mouth without realizing it when asked if she had ever pictured the scene of her debut victory in her head. “First of all, it would be nice if there were a lot of galleries around the 18th hole green. A scene where everyone applauds, cheers, and rejoices when you putt a winning putt… . I really wish there were more galleries. During the Dream (Part 2) tour, we rarely held a ceremony because we weren’t in the champion group or the 메이저사이트 match situation wasn’t supporting us. So, if I win the first division debut, I will have a great ceremony.”

It seems that we will be able to see the victory ceremony of Kim Seo-yoon, a rookie on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, in the near future. Kim Seo-yoon, who won three wins, including winning the opening game and the final game of the season, on the Dream Tour last year and became the prize money king, confirmed her potential early on by ranking 18th and 20th in the first two tournaments of the first part of the 2023 season tour, respectively. The KLPGA Tour, which held the season opener and second tournament overseas in December last year, will begin its long journey in earnest in Korea in April this year. Seoyoon Kim is currently training in winter in Thailand.

Kim Seo-yoon, whom I met before her departure, said, “Through the two competitions in her first division debut, I thought, ‘I have to play smart to survive on this stage.’ Lee Ye-won (20)’s smart play, which hits his hole at the right distance for his shot and loses at least at-bats in a big crisis, was impressive and I felt that I had a lot to learn.” Lee Ye-won is the rookie of the year in the 2022 season.

Kim Seo-yoon, who had a successful season with the keyword ‘play without excuses’ in 2022, said that this year he would use ‘growth without limits’ as the keyword. He said, “There are many times when I want to make excuses for various situations such as the wind while playing, but I decided not to do that. After winning two tournaments in April of last year, I was impatient because I couldn’t seize the opportunity, but I started carving out plays without making excuses, and good results came out in the final match in October.” By winning the last tournament, Kim Seo-yoon took the reverse prize money king.

The driving force for unlimited growth in his debut season was from Justin Thomas (USA), a star on the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour. “Thomas is like a ‘Wedge Magician’. Should I say he plays with wedges really well. That’s what I lack, so I always keep an eye on him and try to be like him.”

Kim Seo-yoon, who usually sends 240 yards with a driver shot and has an iron shot that ranks second in the Dream Tour green hit rate (82.9%), evaluated herself, saying, “I don’t think I’m a player whose strengths and weaknesses are clearly revealed.” I am constantly training to lift up.” Kim Seo-yoon, who was also a representative of the city in swimming and track and field as a child, started playing golf under the indirect influence of Na-yeon Choi, a former member of the LPGA tour. “When my dad was flipping through the TV channels and saw Choi Na-yeon winning, he said to me, a 4th grader, ‘Let’s try’.”

She also has ties to women’s golf legend Pak Se-ri and PGA Tour powerhouse Lim Seong-jae. Kim Seo-yoon even won the TV audition program with the concept of Pak Se-ri discovering promising talent. When she was affiliated with the Choi Kyung-joo Foundation, she contacted the Foundation and said that she was invited to appear. Kim Seo-yoon, who said, “I realized that I had to make a solid weapon as a professional through a game where I had to overcome various situations with only five clubs,” she said. It’s the difference between trusting and playing or slowing down. So, train yourself to have faith,’ I remember. When she won, she was even congratulated over the phone,” she said. Seong-jae Lim and Seong-jae Lim share the same swing coach (professional Choi Hyeon), so he said that he met her at a team dinner and listened to him say good things.

Kim Seo-yoon, who said, “It will be her debut season that will be satisfactory if she averages less than 30 putts and hits 75% of greens,” left these words in a request to say something to future fans. “My play is better the closer you come to see it,” she said. Please support us on the spot. haha.”

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