Kim Jong-un (36) and Kim Ye-jin (26) leave their original team and prepare for the 2023-2024 season in a new nest.

The Korean Women’s Basketball League (WKBL) announced the results of the second round of negotiations for the 2023 Free Agent (FA) on the 20th. Most notable is the fact that veteran forward Kim Jong-un left Woori Bank in Asan and signed a two-year contract with Bucheon Hana 1Q for a total compensation of 250 million won. After the 2016-2017 season, he returns to his home team after 7 seasons. For Hana 1Q, which promotes the growth of young players, Kim Jong-un’s rich experience and leadership are expected to be of great help.

Kim Jong-un was 17th in contribution last season. Teams that have recruited outside free agents ranked 11th to 20th must hand over 200% of the contract amount to the original team or 4 protected players and 1 compensation player including free agents. 스포츠토토

Forward Kim Ye-jin, who excels in defense, left Hana 1Q and signed a contract with Cheongju KB Stars at an annual salary of 80 million won for three years. Even against the aces of his opponents, he was not intimidated and his skills were recognized by minimizing his runs. KB Stars must give Hana One Q 100% of the down payment or 1 compensation player besides 6 protected players including Kim Ye-jin. Kim Ye-jin’s contribution last season was 29th.

Most of the players chose to stay with their original team. Lee Kyung-eun (Incheon Shinhan Bank) decided to stay with a two-year contract early during the first negotiation period, and Kang I-seul (KB Stars), Kim Han-byeol (Busan BNK Some), and Kim Jin-young (Shinhan Bank), who were considered great free agents, were also included in their original team. remain Kang I-seul signed a total of 350 million won in remuneration for three years, and Kim Han-byeol signed with an annual salary of 300 million won. Kim Jin-young took the seal under the condition of a total remuneration of 240 million won for three years.

In addition, Woori Bank placed Go Ara and Noh Hyun-ji on a two-year contract and Park Da-jung on a three-year contract. All three receive an annual salary of 60 million won. KB Stars left Kim So-dam (70 million won in annual salary for 3 years) and Shim Seong-yeong (100 million won in total salary for 1 year). Yongin Samsung Life Insurance continues to accompany Kim Han-bi (50 million won a year).

Hana OneQ Lee Jung-hyun and KB Stars Park Ji-eun, who failed to find their nest until the second round of negotiations, will hold a third round of negotiations with their original team from the 21st to the 27th.

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