Kim Hong-yeol (activation name Hong10) and Kim Ye-ri (activation name YELL) were additionally selected as male and female breaking national representatives.

The Korea Dance Sports Federation (KFD) held the ‘2023 Breaking K Series 2nd Competition’ at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on April 30. Kim Hong-yeol, the winner of the B-Boy category in the general division, and Kim Ye-ri, the winner in the B-Girl category in the general division, were additionally selected as national representatives.토토사이트

Kim Hong-yeol defeated Choi Jung-woo (Milie) and Jang Ji-gwang (Vero) 2-0 each and advanced to the final. On the last stage, Park Min-hyeok (Zooty Zoot) was defeated 3-0.

Kim Ye-ri defeated Kwon Yoo-kyung and Lim Jin-jin (Rudy) 2-0 in a row. She overcame Choi Ye-seul (Ashes), whom she met in the final, with a score of 3-0 and took her national team title.

Kim Hong-yeol and Kim Ye-ri will compete in international competitions organized by WDSF to gain qualifying points for next year’s Paris Olympics, such as the World Dance Sports Federation (WDSF) World Series.

In November of last year, KFD selected two male and female national representatives to be dispatched to various international competitions this season at the ‘2022 Breaking K Final Competition’. Afterwards, as the quota for the WDSF World Series and World Championships was set at 3 each for men and women, one additional national team member was selected.

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