FC Seoul midfielder Ki Sung-yong (34) met coach Rafael Benítez last winter. He studied football while talking a lot with his old mentor in England, where he came to digest the course for a European Football Federation (UEFA) B-level license.

On the 14th, Ki Seong-yong, who met in Kagoshima, Japan, a winter training ground in Seoul, said, “I learned a lot of things.” However, he regretted, saying, “I wanted to meet the coaches to learn more, but because it was during the World Cup, most of them went to field training and couldn’t see them. There are many teams playing interesting games in the Premier League, so I wanted to talk about soccer with the coaches, but I didn’t have the opportunity.”

He has not met many managers, 메이저놀이터 but he had a meaningful time with former Premier League coach Rafael Benitez, who was his mentor at Newcastle United. Ki Seong-yong said, “We talked a lot. It was almost about football. I asked about coaching and training sessions. He shared how he prepares and coaches for matches and how he prepares tactically.” could,” he said. He added, “There are many tactics and philosophies in soccer, but I learned a lot by listening to what coach Benitez has been doing.”

Ki Sung-yueng has not yet decided on his post-retirement career, but he is preparing for the future step by step, keeping all possibilities open. He said that through this training, he came to understand the mind of the leader, albeit a little. “I had a lot of feelings,” he said.

I also have the idea that if I become a coach in the future, I will make sure that the players can play comfortably. Ki Sung-yong said, “Anyway, the players play in the game. I think the role is to lead the performance so that it can be performed comfortably. Of course, it will not be easy, but I felt a lot while studying this time.”

After the end of this season, he plans to return to England to study. This time, I plan to properly plan and interact with many directors. He said, “I still watch the Premier League live, unless it’s very early in the morning. I wanted to meet the coach because Brighton was impressive this season, but it didn’t work out. I’m planning to go this winter.” This season, Brighton are in seventh place, led by Italian coach Roberto De Gervi.

Meanwhile, Seoul returns to Korea on the 18th and prepares for the opening season in Korea for a week. The first round match is a home match against Incheon United at 16:30 on the 25th (Sat) at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

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