The Japan Football Association (JFA) is not giving up on the Chuchun festival. Despite strong opposition from some clubs, discussions between related organizations are continuing.

According to Japanese media <Nikan Sports>, the Japan Football Association and the J-League Secretariat held a committee at the JFA House in Tokyo on the 27th, and there was an official discussion regarding the implementation of the autumn festival season after the 2026 FIFA World Cup United. The Japan Football Association, the J-League Secretariat, and the J-League clubs were present at the meeting, and they discussed the pros and cons of switching to the Autumn Festival for about three and a half hours.안전놀이터

It is known that the majority of those who attended the meeting said, “From a football point of view, it is better to align the season schedule with the AFC Champions League.” However, it is said that problems such as club management, sponsorship, and clubs related to heavy snow were not on the agenda during the transition to the Chuchun Festival. It seems that it was a place to highlight the merits of the Chuchun Festival from a purely soccer point of view.

<Nikan Sports> reported that the committee, which had discussions on the transition to the autumn festival, would continue to be held until the fall. In addition, the contents of the meeting are reported to the Japan Football Association and the J-League to be used as review materials.

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