It has been argued that the future of Tottenham manager Antonio Conte 슬롯사이트 depends on whether a player remains. 

Coach Conte is known to want centre-back Clément Lenglet to remain, not Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, who are key players and transfer rumors are circulating. 

British media Football Insider said on the 15th (Korean time), “If Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy does not keep his promise, Conte will not hesitate to leave the team.”

Coach Conte and Tottenham are together until this season. There has been no news of contract renewal yet. 

In a situation where it is unclear whether he will accompany him, Frank McAveny, a football expert who has played in the English Premier League in the past, predicted that Langle’s future could affect Conte’s contract.

Langle moved on loan to Tottenham ahead of the 2022-23 season. Frequent injuries at his original team, FC Barcelona, ​​hampered his performance, and there were public concerns at the time of his transfer to Tottenham. 

However, Langle showed off a stable build-up, led the rear of Tottenham, and leaped to the starting lineup. He played an active role that would not be strange even if Tottenham promoted full recruitment. However, it has been somewhat shaken after the 2022 Qatar World Cup break. 

It is unlikely that Tottenham will pursue renewal of the contract until it can afford Langle’s weekly wage of 204,000 pounds (approximately 315 million won). According to recent local reports, Tottenham has no will to continue to accompany Langley. McAveny’s view is that Lenglet’s return to Barcelona could be one of the reasons Conte is stepping down from the helm.

Asked if Conte could leave Tottenham at the end of the season, McAveny said “yes”. He said, “Former coach Jose Mourinho also made a promise to Chairman Levy, but he couldn’t get anything. If Conte has problems with Levy, I don’t think he will stay.”

If Conte leaves, he predicts a departure from the squad is inevitable. “A lot of players are there for Conte, so they might want to leave,” McAveny said. Some players are only there for the manager.”

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