The stumbling block for the LG Twins’ first place was none other than the LG Twins themselves. The play stemming from the greed of forgetting the basics is ruining the game and driving the winable game to defeat.

As of the 24th, LG has 13 wins and 7 losses (0.650 win rate) and is in second place without a ride in SSG Landers (12 wins and 6 losses, odds 0.667). On the 23rd, they suffered a reversal defeat to the Hanwha Eagles, and gave SSG the first place, which won that day.

It was a truly devastating defeat. The misplays in defense and offense that occurred after being dragged 0-4 and then reversed to 6-4 were something that would happen even while sleeping.

8th inning. Setup man Jung Woo-young came up and tried to defend the victory, but was hit by Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-seong in a row and was safely driven to 1st and 2nd base. It was a two-point lead, but Hanwha coach Carlos Subero ordered Lee Seong-gon to make a sacrifice bunt, and Lee Seong-gon bunt on the second pitch. The ball rolled in front of the pitcher, and catcher Kim Ki-yeon sent a sign to first base. However, just as pitcher Jung Woo-young was about to catch the ball, third baseman Moon Bo-kyung ran into him. Both fell, and Lee Seong-gon lived on first base. Full base safely.

When Lee Sung-gon buntted, Jung Woo-young raised his hand to catch it, and Moon Bo-kyung also raised his glove and sent a sign saying he would catch it. Both ran and collided without seeing the sign. In the end, even the runner on first base, who was sent out due to a collision between the two, stepped on the home and turned 6-7.

In the top of the 9th inning, LG had a chance to score with Moon Bo-kyung’s hit and Kim Ki-yeon’s walk with one out and 1st and 2nd base. The ball hit by Seo Geon-chang from Hanhwa closer Park Sang-won floated slightly and went to the pitcher. Park Sang-won tactfully did not catch the ball right away, stepped back, made it one-bound, and caught it. But at this time, the second base umpire raised his hand and declared an infield fly. When an infield fly is declared, the batter is out regardless of whether the fielder catches the fly ball right or misses it. However, the game is not stopped, it is in play. In other words, the batter is out and the runner can play according to the situation. In this case, runners on 1st and 2nd should all be attached to their bases. However, first base runner Kim Ki-yeon may not have seen the declaration of an infield fly, so when he saw the ball fall to the ground, he jumped to second base to avoid being doubled. Park Sang-won caught the ball and threw it to first base, and the first baseman followed Kim Ki-yeon and threw the ball to the shortstop. The shortstop tagged the second base runner who came back first, but it was safe. Then, he tagged Kim Ki-yeon, who had stopped around second base, and the referee declared an out and the game ended.토토사이트

It happened because the two misplays were all looking at the ball. The pitcher and third baseman didn’t see each other when they raised their arms and signaled, and the runner on first base didn’t see the umpire called out, so it was a ridiculous play.

LG is showing frequent mistakes at the beginning of this season. He also gave up games due to several errors in defense and running. LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop emphasizes, “Mistakes happen because of the players’ greed to do well. We have to think about the basics.”

A strong championship candidate recognized by everyone, LG, who had a chance to win for two consecutive years but missed it, this season has a greater desire to win, and it is manifested as the players’ desire to do better. This kind of earnestness does not work as a positive factor, but rather becomes a negative factor.

It was a 1.5 game difference from first place in 2021, and a 2 game difference last year. In the end, one or two small defeats piled up to create a disappointing ranking. How will the current unfortunate defeat affect LG this season?

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