In the 20-year history of professional basketball, an unprecedented event has occurred: a team has been banned.

The Korean Basketball League (KBL) held a board meeting at the KBL Center in Seoul on Saturday and decided to expel the Day One Basketball Team. This is the first time a team has been expelled in professional basketball since its inception in 1997.

This is the first time a team has been expelled in professional basketball since 1997.

Day One Sports, whose parent company is Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, entered the basketball world last year by acquiring the Goyang Orion and rebranding it. The team announced Carot Insurance as its naming sponsor, and the team also took root in the city of Goyang.스포츠토토

The launch of Dayone Sports was not without controversy. Orion’s financial stability was questioned during the club’s acquisition negotiations, and the team submitted inadequate data during the KBL’s new member screening process, causing controversy. Once again, unclear financial health was a problem.

There were many voices in the basketball world that Day One Sports should not have been allowed to join, but the KBL, which had an urgent need to maintain the 10-team system, eventually approved it.

However, problems kept popping up. Not only did they fail to pay the 1.5 billion won subscription fee in time, but they also failed to pay their players and staff during the season. Heo Jae, a famous basketball player who was boosting his stock price through broadcasting at the time, was touted as the new owner, but it was only an empty gesture.

The time bomb was ticking, and after the naming rights sponsor, Carot Insurance, walked away with nothing but losses, the ongoing financial problems led to a post-season discussion with the KBL board of directors and eventual expulsion.

Players thanking fans at the final game of the season. Goyang Day One Jumpers official YouTube screen capture
The biggest victims are the players and staff of the organization. If the organization goes through the process of dissolution, some players may be able to be saved through the draft. However, many players and team officials will be out of a job overnight. The best case scenario would be for a new company to buy the organization, but that’s a future that no one can guarantee.

The fans are another victim, especially since most of them have been following Day One Sports basketball since the days of the Cat Orions.

They raised their voices to inherit the history of the Orion from the time the team was acquired by Day One Sports, but they watched their two championships disappear into history when the decision was made to recreate the team. They also cried together as they watched the players they cheered at the top of their lungs unable to focus on basketball.

The irresponsibility of the adults in charge of the administration and the management of the organization ignored the sweat, hard work, and passion that was shed on the basketball court. Something that should never happen in professional sports has happened, and those who have dedicated themselves to it are shedding tears.

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