Roh Hyun-seung (48), who was selected as one of the top 10 golf coaches by the USGTF Korea at the end of last year, truly loves golf. He even invented it to improve golfers’ skills. After seeing a female member who visited the golf course for a field lesson suffer from aiming, No Pro even made golf teaching materials herself to solve the problem.

A device called All Putt, a golf putting alignment device, is a smart product that helps you putt as well as shot aiming. No Pro borrowed 100 million won from Technology Guarantee Insurance last year to complete All Putt, and on February 1st, it even completed patent registration. No Pro, which created a corporation called Shark Golf Solution, plans to start funding and marketing AllPut along with the crowdfunding platform Wadiz.

No Pro dreamed of becoming an inventor since he was young. His personality that doesn’t look at anything as usual and his career accumulated in various jobs combined, and he came to present his first work to the world. Born in Namwon, South Jeolla Province, Noh Pro moved to Seoul in the 6th grade of elementary school following his father who worked for a large construction company. The funny thing about him is that he went to college twice. After graduating from the Department of Aeronautical Engineering at Inha Engineering, he re-entered the Department of Taxation at the University of Seoul.

His first job was to work in the Hanssem Accounting Team, taking advantage of his major. Then, he moved to Dentsu Korea, an affiliate of Bogwang Group, to work in advertising. Then, at the relatively late age of 40, he got into golf. However, his progress was rapid. In mid-September 2019 he played a round at Oxfield CC with a college senior where he shot a 2 over par 74. He gained confidence, and the following month he took the USGTF practical test and received a pass. He had to make a birdie on the last 18th hole, a par 5 hole, to be able to pass. After sending the second shot with the 5-wood to 20m from the green, he attached a chip shot to the pin 40cm and connected it with a birdie that was like gold. It was a decisive moment that changed his life. 메이저사이트

The no-pro didn’t take lessons right away even after he qualified as a pro. At the time, he worked on creating a swing standard according to the golfer’s body type at a golf-related artificial intelligence startup, which was of great help in lessons such as swing analysis later. From November 2021, he started his first lessons at The One Fitness Center in Apgujeong-dong. In the past, he worked as an assistant in the chairman’s office of Bokwang Group for five years, which was of great help in dealing with members.

The psychological part is the most emphasized part of No-Pro’s lessons. He is convinced that although technical knowledge is important, psychological coaching is more effective. His theory is that the reason why humans feel fear in front of a golf ball comes from anxiety about the unknown, and to overcome it, one must have self-confidence.

Self-confidence is said to be possible through three steps. The first step is to raise your senses. The second step is to focus your consciousness. And the last step is self-confidence. In the process of pre-shot routine, these psychological steps are needed to improve the perfection of the shot. For psychological coaching, I myself studied under Dr. Yoo Choong-gyeong of GNPT Korea. There, I realized that the reason golf is difficult is because there are many areas that conflict with instinct.

No Pro also studied acupuncture for good golf. In 2021, I went to the Moxibustion Lifelong Education Center in Cheongnyangni as a one-year course. There, he experienced that if you manage your stamina well with acupuncture, you can enjoy golf more healthily and happily. No Pro introduced that there is a proverb, ‘Don’t go a long way with a person who doesn’t get tired of joksamri’. Joksamri is said to be a blood spot that increases stamina. I think the no-professional is probably the only person who has even studied acupuncture for golf.

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