It is the final gateway to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Champions League (ACL) final stage.스포츠토토

Incheon United (Korea) and Hai Phong FC (Vietnam) will play off the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Champions League (ACL) in the 2023-24 season at 7:30 pm on the 22nd at the Incheon Soccer Stadium. The match will be played as a single match.

A press conference was held prior to the match day. In Incheon, coach Cho Seong-hwan and Oh Ban-seok (captain/team leader) showed up, and in Haiphong, coach Ju Dinh Nghim and Nguyen Hai Hui (captain/team leader) showed up.

In last season’s K-League 1, Incheon ranked fourth with 54 points, following Ulsan Hyundai (76 points), Jeonbuk Hyundai (73 points), and Pohang Steelers (60 points). And as second place Jeonbuk won the FA Cup, they secured the right to advance to the ACL playoffs. It is the first time since the foundation of Incheon to advance to the ACL.

Haiphong, who faced this, took second place in V.League 1 last season with 14 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses (48 points), and secured the ACL qualifying ticket. This season, they are in 5th place with 6 wins, 8 draws and 5 losses (26 points). In the last ACL qualifier, they faced Hong Kong Rangers (Hong Kong) and won 4-1 after extra time to advance to the playoffs.

Impressions: “Incheon, coach Cho Seong-hwan and team representative Oh Ban-seok participated. Coach Seong-hwan Cho said, “I decided to participate in the ACL as Incheon United celebrated its 20th anniversary. As the first director to participate, it is a personal honor, but I feel infinite responsibility. I will make good results so that I can go to the group stage that fans are looking forward to.”

Mindset: “I feel infinite responsibility because no K-League team has been eliminated in the playoffs. new. I prepared well for the challenge. I will try to have a good game.”

Players on the international stage for the first time: “There are players who are experiencing the international stage for the first time, although not away. I think he will show a good enough performance using the home advantage.”

“I haven’t made a best eleven yet. One last thing to think about. Tomorrow’s schedule is the most important and I have to make results, but I can’t think of Friday’s game. I plan to play tomorrow based on players with as much experience as possible.”

Haiphong Evaluation: “The level of Southeast Asian football has also risen considerably. I don’t think you can relax. I analyzed it through the semi-playoffs, but I can’t evaluate it with that. When I watched the league matches, I was technically equipped with individual skills. Among them, foreign players play a large part. I think I need to compare that part.”

Rotation or not:“Tomorrow, the players in the best condition will give 100% of their energy. There is a Suwon FC game in two days, but it is an important match, so I know the importance. I will give my 100%.”

Schedule due to changes in the ACL Chunchun Festival: “If the league format has not changed, it will be the time to start the playoffs in February, and then there will be a part about the weather. After the change, I personally earned points for advancing to Final A in the league, and I thought I could widen the pool if I was in. In addition, I thought I could handle the schedule if there were no injuries, but I am not in the desired position due to the sluggishness in the beginning. Assuming that we win tomorrow’s game, there are a few league games left, so we will earn a lot of points and reach the final I plan to advance to A and do it in parallel through rotation.”

Game Strategy: “Since there are 23 entries that can be used differently from the league, we prepared with various options. For those parts, we will prepare the game flow and aspects well to produce good results. As the pool has increased, players are replaced in each situation. prepared a strategy through

Rain forecast: “Director Seonghwan Cho said, “I know that 2-3mm is expected. Depending on the weather condition and the ground condition, there is a risk of players losing their stamina and getting injured. It is my personal wish to have a good game while doing that wisely and efficiently.”

Shin Jin-ho Possibility: “I digested about 70 minutes. If it was an 18-man entry, there may be an option problem in terms of physical strength or game sense. (Because there are 23 players) I think I need to use flexibility depending on the game flow and prepare for the second half or against Suwon FC. I’m back after a long time, so I think it will be a good match to learn the atmosphere of the game.”

Impressions: “I think it will be a difficult game. I know that Incheon is a strong team. It is an opportunity to learn from a team that plays soccer at a higher level than us and to leap to a higher level.”

Condition due to arrival at dawn on the 21st (6:00) : “I had a difficult flight schedule from Vietnam to Korea.

Players to be wary of: “After reviewing the match footage, I think the two strikers are very threatening. Number 11 (Zerso) and number 10 (Hernandez).”

Truong, who played for Incheon: “At present, Truong is a new player to us. I know he played for Incheon. But he played for Incheon a long time ago, so he has changed a lot since then. They shared their experiences about it. They said they learned tactical or systematic things in Incheon.”

Game strategy against Hong Kong Rangers and Incheon that dominated: “Incheon is a stronger team than Hong Kong Rangers, so I think it will be difficult to do the same against Incheon. Of course, we will try to put pressure and play our way against Incheon, but depending on the situation It seems that there will be situations where it comes down.”

Possibility of a penalty shootout:“To go to the penalty shoot-out, you have to endure regular time. To go to the penalty shoot-out against a team called Incheon, you have to fight with all your might. It is an honor to be able to play in Incheon because Incheon is a strong and high-ranking team.”

ACL Meaning: “I am very honored to be able to participate in the ACL. The Vietnamese league is not as systematic as the K-Le

Impressions: “Incheon is the first team to advance to the ACL. We will play a good game based on the experience of the players who have advanced. The atmosphere in the league is good, so we want to repay them by winning so that we can continue the flow.”

Advice from an ACL experiencer: “There may have been an impact on the field, but I am trying to empathize outside. If young players participate, I think it will be a good opportunity to experience the international stage. As it is an international competition, the attitude of the young players I think it will be different. I often try to sympathize with the importance of ACL.”

ACL for the first time in a long time since Jeju days: “When I came to Incheon, I was looking forward to it as many fans longed for. Personally, I am looking forward to how far Incheon will go. Of course, I have to imagine how far Incheon will go after the playoffs, but I feel good about how far Incheon will go. I am imagining.”

Review of Haiphong: “I watched the video. I evaluated the specificity of the Southeast Asian team rather than the specificity of the Haiphong team. There is. I conveyed that part well to the players.”

ague. I think the ACL is a stage where I gain a lot of experience and learning.”

Impressions: “I came to know that Incheon is a strong team. I want to do my best tomorrow and show all my abilities. I think this is an opportunity to evaluate myself against a strong team. I plan to do my best in tomorrow’s game.”

Truong, who played in Incheon: “I talked a lot about football with Truong. I know that he spent a year in Incheon. He said he learned a lot about tactical and systematic football here. Based on that experience, the players can do their best. It motivated me to do it.”

ACL Meaning: “It is an honor for all players to participate in the ACL. Through the game, you can experience and learn about Vietnamese and other football. I will do my best to play.”

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