A rare record of a father and daughter making a hole-in-one at completely different golf courses on the same day is a hot topic. 크크크벳

Kim In-gyeong (35) and her father Kim Cheol-jin (69), who are competing in the JM Eagle LA Championship on the LPGA Tour, are the protagonists of the topic.

On the 28th (local time), Kim In-gyeong made a hole-in-one with a 5-iron in the 12th hole par 3 (175 yards) in the second round of the tournament held at the Wilshire Country Club (par 71) in Los Angeles, California. It is her sixth hole-in-one in the tournament and the 10th of her personal career.

The fact that Kim In-kyung’s father, Kim Chul-jin, also recorded a hole-in-one at a golf course in Korea on the same day was confirmed by the Seoul Newspaper coverage on the 29th. Kim made the 7th hole-in-one of her career with a 9-iron on the par 3 (137 yards) hole 3 of the Seo course at Dongchon Golf Club in Chungbuk.

Mr. Kim said, “As I was walking toward the teeing ground for hole 3, I said to my companion, ‘Let’s try another hole-in-one,’ and then hit a tee shot. It fit so well that I felt like an ‘OK buddy’ right after the tee shot,” he explained at the time. Ms. Kim said, “I shared the joy of her daughter by sending her hole-in-one news via KakaoTalk to her daughter, who is competing in the LPGA tournament.”

Kim In-kyung tied for 33rd with her even-par 142 strokes thanks to her hole-in-one on the day. Inkyung Kim’s hole-in-one prize money of $20,000 (approximately 26 million won) will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital through a donation program run by CME Group.

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