“Yaya (boy), why is ja (that child) so ugly?” In October 2013, when she was a correspondent in Beijing, she was the first word of her then seventy-year-old mother who was brought to the China Open tennis stadium with difficulty. The player her mother referred to in her burly Gyeongsang dialect was none other than China Open hero Rafael Nadal. It was because of her unique routine of touching her buttocks and nose several times each time she served. Her intuition time was short due to the previous level of smog that hit Beijing at the time, but her mother’s evaluation of her first tennis game in her life was honest (?).

’18 perfect attendance’ Absent from the French Open .. The timing of her return is also undecided

The routine of the problem that made the old mother faint

Exactly 10 years after that, the long-haired young man has turned into a mature man with hair missing in places, and has risen to the ranks of the GOAT with 22 major wins. At the crossroads of the challenge for the 15th champion of the French Open, which is a stronghold, he announced a sudden absence a week before the opening, shocking tennis fans around the world. After returning after rehabilitation, he tried to treat injuries for more than four months after dropping out of the Australian Open earlier this year, but it was judged to be ineffective. He nailed the next year to the point of retirement and said he would come back healthy, but his face was dark. Rapha, at 38 our age, still roaming the court like a bull. The style of play that put stamina and court coverage at the forefront enough to say ‘there is no missing ball’ eventually led to overload in the hip joint, which connects the legs and upper body.

Brilliant game style.. I can’t go against the years

The hip joint that defied gravity and supported 22 years as a pro

In fact, Nadal’s history of injuries, not just his hips, is famous. Since he was a teenager, he defended the ball as if throwing his whole body, and his mental strength, which did not give up until the end until the opponent got tired of it, made the impossible possible. ‘Marathon Man’ Andy Murray also made a dramatic comeback after undergoing fatal hip surgery for runners, and it’s a miracle that Nadal’s body has endured so far. Didn’t last year’s Roland Garros final show a dramatic injury fighting spirit after taking painkillers? Even so, corona pandemic has harassed the old man. “I won a few major titles and major competitions, but I couldn’t enjoy practicing like I used to. My body couldn’t hold on. Naturally, I couldn’t enjoy my daily life, and most of all, the constant physical pain stopped me,” he confesses. I put it. Foreign media reported that it was generally a good decision.

The most 22 wins in the majors…Continuous self-development

More than 20 injured areas…’injury ward’

Due to his success as a teenager, he started out with the nickname ‘El Nino (‘The Boy’) and established himself as the ‘King of clay’. In China, he emphasizes his indomitable fighting spirit and calls him “God of Battle”. Rather, the expression ‘injury ward’ is a little more relevant. What’s surprising is that he has continuously improved his skills in the long journey of winning the most Grand Slam titles. He reigned as the king of slow-ball clay courts with overwhelming topspin, but was not afraid of change. Serve, which was evaluated as the only weak point, was corrected little by little over several years, and a speedy speed mode was installed, which is less physically demanding than rally. I changed the toss more forward to be more aggressive and play the net more often. Last year, when everyone was saying ‘Nadal is over’, he surprisingly lifted two Grand Slam trophies.

Immortal Roland Garros 14 times champion

Simple but more powerful serve

112 wins and 3 losses, 97.4% win rate. For 18 years, on the red soil of Roland Garros, it was closer to the ‘Divine World’ rather than the ‘Human World’. Perhaps even a statue was made to commemorate the great record of Nadal, who is still in his 30s? As rumors of Nadal’s retirement circulated ahead of the French Open, more than 200,000 people were waiting for Center Court tickets. The French Open feature is the only one of the four major slams to play the winner’s national anthem, and French media outlets joke that “I’ve heard the Spanish national anthem more than the French national anthem.”

38-year-old mud god..both skills and personality are the best!

May 2021, exhilarating forehand swing

It is unknown when he will return, but he announced his retirement, saying next year is his last season. It’s unfortunate, but fans seem to have to prepare to let go of the ’86 born clay god looking at Bulguk. You won’t see him accepting the birthday cake at the French Open every June 3 this year. Due to his unique dynamic play and his uncle Tony’s rigorous education, he has never broken a racket and is regarded as one of the greatest stars of all time, both in terms of skill and personality. One of the uncle-related nobles who is currently teaching Oze-Aliasim. Nadal used to be a two-handed forehand because he was weak when he was young. When he mispassed the ball, he said, “I don’t have a two-handed forehand, so try changing it.” Nadal himself writes in his autobiography that he became more comfortable with his left hand. Golf is right-handed, soccer is left-footed. His uncle said, “You play with your left hand, for the left hand is good.” It was not induced, but it was emphasized that it was a natural choice that he could not know the reason for.카지노사이트

A unique ceremony… can’t you see it anymore?

I have my second French Open intuition ahead in 7 years since 2016. Even with the departure in front of my eyes, I couldn’t get a ticket, so I stomped my feet, but with the news of Nadal’s absence, I can now prepare comfortably for the return tickets pouring in. As an eternal Federer fan, I will no longer remember sighing every time Nadal’s left-hand forehand topspin with a maximum RPM of 5,500 neutralized Emperor Federer’s backhand. But Federer is gone and Nadal is leaving (soon). As the dissolution of the ‘Big 3’, which dominated the world tennis world for nearly 20 years like Triumvirate and Troika, is approaching a reality, I, too, may already be missing Nadal along with the fans. “Vamos, Rafa!”
(Photo source: Roland Garros ATP AP Le Monde)

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