The World Baseball Classic (WBC) defending champion, the United States, turned on a red light on the front line for the second consecutive victory due to the successive departure of the ace. 토토사이트

The biggest reason is that there was a breakaway in the starting lineup, which was already regarded as a weakness. New York Yankees left-hander Nestor Cortes is out with a hamstring injury. Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw has recently been unable to play for the WBC due to insurance issues. 

Kershaw and Cortés failed to fill the required innings last year, but were starting pitchers with an ERA of 2 points. Kershaw went 12-3 with an ERA of 2.28 (126 1/3 innings) and Cortes went 12-4 with an ERA of 2.44 (158 1/3 innings). 

The U.S. does not have a single starting pitcher in the 2-point range in this national team. Adam Wainwright (11-12, ERA 3.71) Miles Mycholas (12-13, ERA 3.29, St. Louis Cardinals) Merrill Kelly (13-8, ERA 3.37, Arizona Diamondbacks) Lance Lynn (8-7, ERA 3.99) Chicago White Sox) Kyle Freeland (9-11, ERA 4.53, Colorado Rockies) both have an average ERA of 3 points or higher. Among the national team, including Nick Martinez (4-4, ERA 3.47, San Diego Padres), who can both start and save, Michaels ranked 24th with the highest MLB ERA last year. 

The starting lineup of the United States is rated lower than that of the Dominican Republic or Japan. In the Dominican Republic, there is Sandy Alcantara (Miami Marlins), who graduated from Cy Young last year, and in Japan, there are Yu Darvish (San Diego) and Shohei Otani (LA Angels). 

The US lacks ‘big game features’. Top pitchers in the big leagues are absent due to preparations for the regular season. Major League commentator Song Jae-woo said, “The American starting lineup didn’t look strong at all before. 
Commissioner Song said, “Kershaw’s fastball power and speed have decreased compared to his heyday, but the power of his slider is still the same. He has a lot of experience in big games.” will be hit,” he predicted. 

What the U.S. expects is a strong batting line. 

There are only three MVPs: Mike Trout (LA Angels), Paul Goldschmidt (St. Louis), and Mookie Betts (LA Dodgers). Pete Alonso (New York Mets) and Kyle Schwaber (Chicago Cubs), who hit more than 40 home runs last year, will also come out. Sujin Ya has a large number of all-star players representing MLB at all positions. 
Commissioner Song Jae-woo said, “The batting line can’t be better than this. The American pitching balance is not good. I think I will have to make up for the weak point of the mound with a bat.” 

After all, it is important how much the starters can hold out in the match after the quarterfinals. After that, you have to bet on the power of the batting line and the bullpen.

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