Enzi Postecoglou has said he is not interested in the Tottenham Hotspur job.

Tottenham have been looking for a new manager for two months now. Several names have been floated, but none of them have literally landed the job. So far, there have been a number of candidates, including Mauricio Pochettino, Luis Enrique, and Julian Nagelsmann, all of whom have worked at big clubs, as well as managers who have proven themselves outside of Europe’s top five leagues, such as Arne Slott, but the Spurs job is still vacant.

Recently, Slott has emerged as a potential candidate. The search for a new manager seemed to be coming to an end after nearly two months, with Slott expressing interest in a move to the English Premier League (EPL). However, Slott suddenly changed his mind and stayed at Feyenoord, leaving Spurs to go back to work.스포츠토토

After Slott, Postecoglou was the next man in line for the job. Having won the league title and League Cup with Celtic this season, Postecoglou is known to domestic fans as the mentor of Celtic’s Oh Hyun-gyu. Tottenham have been eyeing Postecoglou for similar reasons to Slott.

However, even Postecoglou has indicated that he is not interested in the Spurs job. Having won both competitions, but with the Scottish Cup final still to come, he wants to focus on Celtic’s quest for a dominant treble.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Postecoglou said: “What matters to me is where I am now (at Celtic). I have never planned anything in my entire football career. All I want to do now is enjoy tomorrow, play a good game, win the cup final and make this a special year. It’s not every year that you get the chance to achieve a treble. Anyone who says I’m thinking about anything other than that doesn’t know me,” he said, adding that his focus is on the team.

The BBC also broke the news that Postecoglou, who had been linked with Tottenham, does not want to move to the EPL, stating that “Postecoglou is not interested in a move to the EPL”.

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