“It’s better to just hit a solo home run than run on a walk.”

Samsung Lions manager Park Jin-man recently left a bitter voice towards Won Tae-in. He is still doing well, but it was a sincere advice left in the hope that he would develop a little more in order to fill the 2% regret.

Won Tae-in is recording an average ERA of 4.10 with 2 wins and 2 losses in 7 games this season. Won Tae-in has been steadily digesting more than 6 innings since the match against the Lotte Giants on April 16, and in the recent three games, he recorded a quality start (less than 3 earned runs in 6 starting innings), giving strength to the Samsung mound.

However, there are definitely areas for improvement. There hasn’t been a single goalless game this season. 1 run against Lotte on April 16th and 1 run against KIA Tigers on the 16th was the least point lost this season.

Particularly problematic is the avoidance of home runs. Won Tae-in, who allowed home runs in six consecutive games, has already allowed seven home runs this season alone. KT Wiz is second in this category after Wes Benjamin (8).

However, coach Park Jin-man is expressing his regret for other parts than the home run. The overall number of balls is large. Won Tae-in threw 696 pitches in 41.2 innings this season. He threw a lot of balls per inning. Albert Suarez played 42 innings, more than Won Tae-in, but threw 31 fewer balls with 665.카지노사이트

Manager Park Jin-man, whom I recently met, said, “You can hit a home run. What’s more unfortunate than that is that the number of balls in the early game is increasing, probably because of the home run. I have to get my ball within the range that a batter can hit, but now there is a big difference. At the same time, the number of balls is increasing.”

“Even if you set the ball count to your advantage, there are cases where you have a lot of balls and put you in a disadvantageous situation. In that case, it is better to be hit by a solo shot than to lose a run on a walk. I wish I had more confidence.” He hasn’t given up many walks this season. Excluding balls that hit the body, he gave up only 16 walks. There is quite a difference from 1st place KIA Tigers Eui-ri Lee (31).

However, manager Park Jin-man wants Won Tae-in to pitch more aggressively than he does now. The power to efficiently handle opponent batters, I hope you show that. So, instead of continuing to throw the ball and losing his strength, he said, “It’s better to be hit by a solo shot,” in the hope that he would regain his strength after being hit by a home run.

Won Tae-in is a native Samsung ace. David Buchanan-Albert Suarez, along with Samsung’s starting lineup. What are you going to show us on the next pitch?

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