“I knew…”

Kim Byeong-jun (20, KT Wiz) missed the first record in history on the 14th. Futures All-Star Game. He started as the first hitter and left fielder of the Southern All-Stars, and after picking up a walk in his first at-bat, he hit an infield hit, double, and triple.먹튀검증

After hitting 1, 2, and 3 bases in turn until the 7th inning, he went back to bat in the 8th inning. A hit for the cycle (cycling hit) in the KBO’s first Futures All-Star Game can come out with a good home run.

He turned the bat vigorously on the first pitch and became a shortstop floating ball. In the end, Byeong-Jun Kim’s ‘great record’ challenge ended incomplete as the bat did not return.

Kim Byung-joon, who joined KT in the 2nd 9th round of the 2022 rookie draft (88th overall), was selected as a Futures All-Star with a batting average of 299.2 and 2 home runs in 52 Futures League games this year.

In July, the bat was even more fierce. He posted a batting average of 4.6 and 6 in 8 games.

KT introduced, “He has a firm swing. Using his quick feet, the range of defense is wide. The speed is also excellent.”

Kim Byeong-joon expressed his strong determination, saying, “I will show you all the plays I can show you” through the club ahead of his Futures All-Star.

Kim Byeong-jun, who showed all his strengths as he promised, was selected as the best hitter, although he missed out on MVP due to Kim Beom-seok (LG) who hit a three-run home run.

After the game, Kim Byung-jun said, “I feel so good and I’m confused.”

The last at-bat that hoped for a home run. Kim Byeong-joon laughed, saying, “I knew that hitting a home run was a cycling hit. So I deliberately didn’t look at the electronic signboard because I thought it would take a lot of energy.

KT Wiz Kim Byeong-jun. Busan = Reporter Lee Jong-seo bellstop@sportschosun.com
Although he failed to set a record, this All-Star Game is expected to provide a new boost to Kim Byung-jun. He said, “There may be times when you lose your motivation while living in the second team.

Kim Byung-jun was registered for the first team entry on the 9th of last month, but was canceled in one day. He said, “My goal is to work hard and rise to the first team. I will try to exert my strength once again with this opportunity.”

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