I brought a ‘bad boy’ to the point where I was cursed at, but I didn’t know that I couldn’t throw it like this.

Trevor Bauer, former Major League Cy Young Award winner, is struggling on the Japanese stage. Bauer, who was released from the Los Angeles Dodgers after being suspended from major league play due to sexual assault allegations, is currently playing for the Yokohama DeNA Baystars of Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB). It is a desperate measure to extend active duty.

Bauer made a good pitch in his NPB debut with 7 innings and 1 run, but his second start was sluggish. On the 9th against the Yomiuri Giants, he scored 7 runs in 6 innings (6 earned) and on the 16th against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, he played 7 runs in 2 consecutive games with 7 runs in 2 innings. In particular, in the game on the 16th, his shock is even greater because he only threw 2 innings.메이저사이트

He had a gap in practice, and although he said he was throwing in an unfamiliar environment called Japan, it is still not like a major leaguer from Cy Young. Yokohama is currently competing for the Central League championship, but was pushed back from the lead as it was recently reversed by the Hanshin Tigers. Even Bauer is struggling and is not helping.

Because of this, there is even a suspicion that Bauer may have read ‘Habit’. The Japanese media and fans say, “It is clear that Bauer has read Kuse (habit). No matter how bad his control is, being hit so suddenly is a strategy read by the opponent.” However, on the other hand, there are opinions that the level of the ball Bauer is throwing now is good enough for Japanese batters to hit. It is evaluated that the pitch of the fastball is too high, and the angle of falling of the breaking ball is insufficient to deceive the opponent. Basically, I can’t control it, but unlike the major leagues, the angle of the knuckle curves to the side instead of up and down, and it doesn’t show any power at all.

Bauer was eliminated from the first team entry after 7 runs in the shock against Hiroshima. However, he participated in first-team training before the game against Hiroshima on the 17th, which was expunged. Daisuke Miura, coach of Yokohama, said, “I can’t say right now,” when asked by reporters about future pitching plans. At the same time, he emphasized, “I will discuss with the battery coach how to change the pitching pattern in the future.

Yokohama received a lot of criticism for its morality controversy when it recruited ‘bad boy’ Bauer. It is a pitcher who brought him with such criticism, but he is becoming a headache, let alone an ‘ace’.

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