Jung Geun-woo thought it wouldn’t work in the end.”

LG Twins Moon Seong-joo tried to improve his long-distance hitting power in the off-season, and tried to change his batting form to a swinging position.

When Moon Seong-joo 메이저놀이터 practiced with the changed batting form at the Arizona spring camp in the U.S., head coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop and hitting coach Lee Ho-jun dissuaded him and advised Moon on the best batting form. The existing batting form of Moon Seong-joo is a simple and fast swing, but he modified it to maximize it.

Until the end of August of last year, Sung-joo Moon maintained a high batting average of 3.5 pennies and competed for the ‘out-of-the-field batting king’. .

Conscious of long hits such as home runs, he attempted a big follow-up swing, but it could be a poison that even loses his advantage. Moon Seong-joo’s unique quick swing that makes use of his speed is enough to hit a home run.

Moon Seong-joo decided to keep the original batting form, and coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who was watching from his side, said, “It’s like Yelich. When the bat comes out short like that, you can take a long hitting point,” he praised.

While playing tea batting, Seongju Moon asked coach Lee, “How did senior Geun-Woo Jeong hit?” Jung Geun-Woo, who earned a reputation as the “devil’s second baseman” as a player, is 172cm tall and has a similar physique to Sung-Joo Moon. He recorded 18 silver and double-digit home runs 4 times.

Coach Lee said, “It was a unique style of holding the bat like this, going up and down,” mimicking the batting form. He put his hands holding the bat behind his ears It was a form of hitting down with power.

However, after that, this coach started dissing Jung Geun-woo. He said, “Even though I was old, I hit 30% in Hanwha and did well, but suddenly my swing became weird when I hit a home run. It got bigger. Your swing is weird.” Then, he said he was confident that he had found the right form and hit 20 homers,” introducing an anecdote, “But I thought it wouldn’t work. It doesn’t make sense to change the form and hit a long hit. That’s how Hanwha ended up with a strange form, and the average was He went hooked. Even after coming to LG, he continued to play with a strange swing, and it ended. “Jeong Geun-woo played for Hanwha in 2019 and LG in 2020 and retired, and at the time this coach was an NC coach. This coach said, “Sungju, you have a small and fast swing

. “You have to go to average (batting average). Are you a baseball genius? It’s not easy to move one hit point.” ”he advised.

Next, regarding the type of home run hitter, “Lee Seung-yeop hit using centrifugal force. Shim Jeong-soo was speed. He hit with speed power with a light bat. Sungjoo, you are also speed. You can hit (home run) with speed. Choi Jeong-eun is a style that hits with centrifugal force. His bat can’t be used by anyone. He explained, “I hit it using the (bat) head, which is hit by throwing the bat hook.”

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