Gwangju FC runs toward home victory.

Gwangju will play Gangwon FC and Hanawon Q K League 1 2023 round 8 home game at 2:00 pm on the 23rd at the Gwangju Soccer Stadium.

Gwangju’s hot attack spewed fire again. Gwangju, which left the Daegu FC expedition last round, boasted a strong offensive power and recorded a 4-3 victory, and succeeded in maintaining 5th place with 4 wins and 2 losses along with a winning streak at DGB Daegu Bank Park (4 games/16 points).

They are continuing their high-flying streak with victories in the 3rd round of the FA Cup and away from Daegu, but Gwangju are still hungry. As we have two home games on the weekend and weekdays (23rd vs. Gangwon/26th vs. Jeju), we need to present more aggressive attacks and goals to home fans. 바카라사이트

Many players are full of confidence as they have scored goals for the season. Sandro boasted of being a key player in the team, such as being selected as the best 11 of the week along with the best player of the game with 1 goal and 1 assist, and Kim Han-gil scored his first goal in the Gwangju uniform.

Huh Yul, a former youth player, also proved his worth by scoring, and Ha Seung-un played a big role, leading the team to victory with the winning goal at the end of the match.

Not only the offense, but also the midfield and defense are overwhelming. Lee Soon-min, Jung Ho-yeon, and Lee Hee-kyun also showed active activity and fighting spirit, and the combination of Timo and Ahn Young-gyu contributed to the team’s victory with a stable defense line coordination and solid defense. In addition, fullback Doo Hyun-seok is running the best stock price, recording 2 assists with a sharp cross.

This opponent, Gangwon, is in 11th place with 3 draws and 4 losses this season. Recently, they are going through ups and downs with two consecutive losses and have yet to report a win.

But carelessness is forbidden. There are not only veteran players such as Hankook Young, Lee Jeong-hyup, and Kim Young-bin, but also young players with strong oriental skills such as Yang Hyeon-jun, Hwang Moon-gi, and Kim Dae-won.

Gwangju must block off Gangwon’s fast-paced left and right attackers, and score first with active pressure and sharp decision-making.

Attention is focusing on whether Gwangju can beat Gangwon and continue the hot atmosphere.

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