Aston Villa’s Argentinian goalkeeper Emiliano “Emilesin” Martinez is attracting attention from the English Premier League (EPL) powerhouses.

The British daily newspaper ‘Daily Mirror’ reported that Chelsea had joined the race to sign Martinez, and would compete with Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United, who were already interested.

Chelsea are in deep trouble because the goalkeepers they bought for a huge amount do not live up to their expectations. Kepa Arrizabalaga broke the record for the world’s highest transfer fee for a goalkeeper at the time of signing, but lacks a sense of stability. Edouard Mendy has proven his ability as the main player in winning the 2020-2021 European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), but he also has a weakness in that he lacks other skills compared to his defense. If possible, it would be best if they could release Kepa and recruit a new goalkeeper to compete with Mendy.토토사이트

Villa has been on a steep rise since the appointment of coach Unai Emery in the second half of this season, but even if they finish the season well, their biggest goal is the UEFA Europa League. The prospect is raised that it can be shaken enough if a richer team offers high salaries and bright prospects. Emery is known to be unhappy with Martinez’s attitude and style.

For the teams that were already keeping an eye on Martinez, the number of competitors has increased. Tottenham is one of the best goalkeepers in the club’s history, 37-year-old Yorisugi, and he also missed this season due to injury. The prospect that he will not remain at Tottenham next season is raised. Rumors of a transfer to Saudi Arabia and a return to his home country, France, are being raised.

Manchester United is a team that has been talking about the need for a top-notch goalkeeper to replace David de Gea for years. De Gea’s skills are also questionable, and there is a big gap between coach Eric Turnhagh’s leading game style and De Gea’s poor build-up ability.

These clubs are also linked with Inter Milan’s Andre Onana. Onana is considered the best goalkeeper in the UCL this season. He has a variety of abilities, from a save to a build-up. He has already worked with Man Utd coach Turnhagh at Ajax. It is highly likely that England’s strong players who want to acquire a starting goalkeeper will engage in double or triple scouting competition.

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