“Diversification of commands and pitches”.

KIA Tigers’ new outside pitcher Mario Sanchez (30) is causing a lot of controversy with his check-in moves. Expectations were raised for his intense debut, but his important pitching ability is receiving concern. Changes in the contents of his pitching are also ordered. The need for a variety of pitches and pitches. 먹튀검증

In his debut match against KT Wiz on July 9, Sanchez earned the victory with a good pitching of 6⅓ innings and 1 run. Against Doosan in Gwangju on the 21st, he conceded 4 runs in 6⅔innings. He showed off his powerful pitch, recording 10 strikeouts in two consecutive games. However, he failed to make quality starts in all three games after that, allowing 14 runs in 13⅓ innings.

His overall earned run average soared to 6.49. He had a lot of expectations early on, but later pitches were disappointing. As if the opponent batters had completed their analysis, he swung without hesitation, and his batting average soared to 2.997. He also has a high slugging percentage, with 10 doubles and 5 home runs. His strike rate is high, but there were frequent scenes where he was driven to the middle. 

Manager Kim Jong-guk’s diagnosis was that the variety of pitches and pitches was poor. “I must have been embarrassed by the high hit rate. I threw well in two games and then suddenly got hit. Rather than throwing only the pitches I am confident in, I have to mix in other pitches. Here, the commands must be given accurately. I’m thinking about it. The power analysis team is also paying attention.” 

Sanchez’s sudden sluggishness is also contributing to the ongoing controversy and criticism of fake checks. In the debut game, if there was a runner on first base, it was a fake check-in motion to see the runner on first base by suddenly turning his upper body in a squat position. It tied the runners up so they couldn’t get a proper lead. The double kicking was also controversial. 

The referees first banned double kicking during the pitching process. It was pointed out that sudden double kicking while throwing in a different motion is a deception. Then, ahead of the Gwangju game against Samsung on July 11, he also pointed out the fake check action. It was pointed out that if the fake motion is performed with the left shoulder closed, it is a balk. Instead, fake motion with the shoulders open is free. 

It didn’t end here. The referees came again ahead of the Pohang game on August 1st. It was also pointed out that if you suddenly throw a check ball after a fake motion and before entering the setup, it is a balk. It was explained that the runner on first base should be given the timing to attempt a steal. But on the 6th, against Hanwha in Gwangju, he unknowingly balked, but the referees missed it. 

It was okay in the minor leagues and Taiwanese leagues, but it was pointed out in the KBO league. In the end, it seems that there was psychological confusion as the most important routine was changed. In the end, I have no choice but to calmly adapt to the KBO rules. Attention is focusing on whether he will settle the controversy and make a clean rebound in pitching in the next appearance. 

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