Hanwha, the lowest in professional baseball for three consecutive years, is creating a ‘Spring of Hope’. Roh Si-hwan’s out-of-the-counter home run for two days in a row defeated Samsung and finished the demonstration game in first place.

This is Reporter Bae Jeong-hoon. 토토사이트


Noh Si-hwan hit 18 homers in 2021 and emerged as a’Geopo prospect’.

He was lackluster last year, hitting only six home runs.

During the winter, he lost 7 kg and worked hard, and predicted a revival through exhibition matches.

Following his out-of-field home run in the match against Samsung the day before yesterday (27th), he pulled Samsung Won Tae-in’s high breaking ball yesterday and drew an out-of-field five-dot arch that disappeared behind the left outfield spectators.

Roh Si-hwan tied for first place with five homers, and Hanwha, who won 14-3, finished the demonstration game with a solo first place.

Doosan pressed Kim Dae-han’s bold running base play.

Kim Dae-han, runner on first base in the 5th inning with a one-on-one match, ran to the empty third base due to the opposing shift defense when Rojas hit the infield, and the catcher who ran late tried to tag, but when the throw fell back, he ran straight to the home. We pulled the finish line.

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