Hanwha Eagles Ha Joo-seok, whose suspension is about to be lifted, begins preparing to return from the Futures League.카지노사이트

Ha Joo-seok was caught in a drinking crackdown in Dong-gu, Daejeon, early in the morning in November last year, during the finishing camp, and his license was suspended with a blood alcohol level of 0.078%. The KBO Reward and Punishment Committee imposed a 70-game suspension on Ha Joo-seok in accordance with Article 151 of the KBO Rules

On the 27th, ahead of the game, coach Choi Won-ho asked about whether Joo-seok Ha would be hired, saying, “Joo-seok Ha hasn’t played a single game, so once the punishment is lifted, I think I’ll have to play for the Futures and hear how it goes. So, I think it might take some time,” he said.

Regarding Ha Joo-seok, who played as the starting shortstop, Choi said, “He calmly has the best defense in the team, but Ha Joo-seok’s shortstop defensive ability is at the top of the KBO league. That cannot be denied. I will not play when the conditions allow me to play. There is no reason to do it,” he said.

“In fact, if you expect Ha Joo-seok to hit, you need more time. But Ha Joo-seok is a player with higher defensive abilities than batting. The defense may be faster than you thought. You may not be able to play full-time as soon as you arrive, but Still, the process of adapting can be seen in a short time.”

Director Choi said, “I have to talk with the club. I’m ready to come up to the first team, and if the club says it’s okay, I’ll use it, and if one of the two doesn’t work, I can’t use it.” If you do, it may happen faster than you think.”

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