While going to the English Premier League (EPL) is likely, Real Betis has emerged as a new variable.

This is the story of ‘Golden Boy’ Lee Kang-in (Mallorca). Spanish Football España said on the 15th (Korean time), ‘Atletico Madrid is reluctant to pay Lee Kang-in’s buyout, and the possibility of heading to the EPL has increased. Now, the EPL is the most likely destination.”

Even at first, Lee Kang-in’s destination was in an atmosphere that was narrowed down to Atletico Madrid. It started on the 28th of last month. Reporter Mateo Moreto from Spain’s Lelevo said, “Atletico Madrid is showing interest in Lee Kang-in.” Reporter Moreto said, “Lee Kang-in is very close to Atletico. Atletico Madrid’s interest in Lee Kang-in has been there since Valencia’s youth days. We sent an offer last winter, but Mallorca rejected it. Now, the transfer to Atletico is closer than ever.” told “Aston Villa, Burnley, Brighton, Wolverhampton, etc. have even heard the requirements for signing Lee Kang-in. However, in recent hours, the situation has reversed. Atletico Madrid re-entered the recruitment competition with a very determined attitude, and coach Diego Simeone He also approved the recruitment.”메이저놀이터

Spain’s Pichajes said, “Atletico Madrid is paying attention to Korean midfielder Lee Kang-in, who is having a wonderful season in Mallorca.” “Atletico Madrid has yet to contact Mallorca or Lee Kang-in, but they are thinking about 20 million euros (about 29.2 billion won) for the transfer fee,” he said. The 20 million euros is much higher than the 18 million euros recently known as Lee Kang-in’s buyout. “Atletico Madrid are looking to secure a place in the European Champions League before they start planning their squad for next season,” said Pichajes. Lee Kang-in is one of the main options,’ he said, ‘Atletico Madrid will be willing to work to sign one of the most promising players in the world.’

As is known, Atletico Madrid wanted to sign Lee Kang-in in the transfer market last winter. Lee Kang-in also wanted a new challenge, but he could not achieve his will amid opposition from Mallorca. Atletico Madrid are making major changes this season. There is a high possibility of parting ways with João Felix, who is currently on loan at Chelsea, and another attacking midfielder, Thomas Lemar, is also likely to leave Atletico Madrid. Atletico Madrid, which is trying to win the championship next season, was aiming to reinforce the attacking team, and it was an atmosphere that pointed out Lee Kang-in as an important puzzle.

However, Atlético Madrid took a sudden step back. Spain’s Marca said, “It is ridiculous that Atletico Madrid will pay 20 million euros for Lee Kang-in.” “The Atletico Madrid leadership is making it clear that they will not sign Lee Kang-in for 20 million euros. It should be below 10 million euros to have a possibility of signing.” Cadena Ser’s Pedro Fulana even posted on his SNS, “Atletico Madrid is not interested in Lee Kang-in. He is not on the recruiting list,’ he said.

Atletico Madrid’s departure has created a variable, but there are still many clubs that want Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in is doing his best this season. He has 6 goals-5 assists. He succeeded in double-digit attack points. Lee Kang-in was nominated for the Primera Liga 2022-2023 season’Team of the Year’ on the 2nd. Kang-in Lee was named in the midfielder category along with Luka Modric, who is called the world’s best midfielder, Federico Valverde, Toni Kroos (above Real Madrid), Frankie The Yong, Pedri, and Pablo Gavi (above Barcelona). Lee Kang-in is the first Korean player to be nominated for Team of the Year. On the 28th of last month, he was also selected as the 30th round basque goal in La Liga. Lee Kang-in won 65% of the vote, beating Rappa Mir, Alex, Centellas, and Ferrantores. In the match against Getafe, Lee Kang-in ran 70m in extra time in the second half and scored with a sharp shot. It was a fantastic goal reminiscent of Son Heung-min’s goal against Burnley, which won the Puskas Award. Kang-in Lee is the first Korean player to win the best goal in the round. In addition, Lee Kang-in was nominated for April’s Player of the Month along with Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid), Iñaki Williams (Bilbao), Marco Asensio (Real Madrid), and Ronald Araujo (Barcelona). Lee Kang-in is the first Korean player to be nominated for Player of the Month.

The record is also the best. Lee Kang-in’s dribble went up. They break through any defense. Lee Kang-in’s dribbling record is telling, and he successfully completed 74 dribbles this year, the 6th highest among players in the top 5 European leagues. Above Lee Kang-in are Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior (103 times), Paris Saint-Germain’s Lionel Messi (91 times), Leverkusen’s Jeremy Frimpong, Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham (over 84 times), and Villarreal’s Samuel Chuqueze (76 times). times) only All of them are the best stars in world football.

Note the success rate. Lee Kang-in’s dribble success rate reached 65.4%. Recognized as the world’s best dribbler, Vinicius’ success rate is only 36.3%. Messi has 54.8%, Frimpong 53.1% and Bellingham 56.8%. La Liga top-class dribbler Chuqueze also remains at 48.7%. Even if you expand the range to the top 10, the only player with over 60% is Lee Kang-in. That’s a truly impressive score. It is a flashy yet effective dribble. In the match against Celta Vigo on the 18th of last month, the club also wrote history. According to Opta, a media specializing in soccer records and statistics, Lee Kang-in’s successful 9 dribbles against Celta Vigo are the first in the club’s history since Gonzalo Castro recorded the same record against Osasuna in 2009.

EPL clubs are drooling over Lee Kang-in. Aston Villa, Tottenham, Wolverhampton, Burnley, Newcastle and Brighton are watching Lee Kang-in. In particular, Aston Villa and Tottenham are active. Coach Unai Emery knows the Spanish stage well and is a skillful leader using technicians. Aston Villa can make a major investment if it is confirmed to advance to the Europa League. Tottenham wants Lee Kang-in to the extent that there are reports that Son Heung-min is directly urging him to sign Lee Kang-in. In particular, the EPL pays the amount known as Lee Kang-in’s buyout, but there is no problem at all. As Lee Kang-in has been recognized as the best technician in La Liga, he is likely to actively invest. However, Aston Villa is in an atmosphere that wants more players than Lee Kang-in, and Tottenham has yet to appoint a manager or general manager. Because there are variables.

EPA Yonhap News
In this situation, a new destination, Real Betis, was discussed. Spain Pachajes reported that ‘Real Betis expressed interest in Lee Kang-in’. “Betis is looking to strengthen its squad this season. Lee Kang-in is an attacking midfielder with potential and is one of the most surprising players in La Liga.” Betis is a good destination. Europa League participation is strong, and coach Manuel Pellegrini is good at using technicians. Remaining in La Liga is the best card for Lee Kang-in. Of course, the EPL is the best in terms of money, but from the point of view of Lee Kang-in, who has grown up in Spain since childhood, it may be more advantageous to remain in the familiar Spanish stage.

Pachahes said, ‘Lee Kang-in, who can play both in the center and on the side, can act as a backup or partner for Nabil Fekir. Lee Kang-in is a very interesting player,” he said. “I don’t know if Atletico Madrid’s inability to pay the buyout is a strategy or a conservative evaluation, but Lee Kang-in’s ability to boast the best dribbling ability and wide field of vision is the interest of top clubs, including Betis. is dragging,’ he said.

Lee Kang-in wants to leave Mallorca for a new challenge. Mallorca is in a position that they can let Lee Kang-in buy out. Lee Kang-in’s destination is changing every moment. He needs to be watched all summer long.

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