Kim Cheon Sangmu Private Kim Min-joon’s role model is Riyaz Mahrez, who plays for Manchester City. He said it himself after playing for two seasons for his team, Ulsan Hyundai.

Now he is a soldier. It seems that he has somewhat adapted to life in the army, Kimcheon’s tactics, and the atmosphere of the team. On the 19th, he reported his first goal after enlisting in the K-League 2 round 8 home game against Jeonnam Dragons. Gimcheon won 2-1 and ran Pajuk’s 3rd consecutive win, finishing second behind Gyeongnam FC on goal difference.

Kim Min-joon played as a U-22 in Ulsan. Now that he is not an under-22 player, he has to compete in another jungle, Gimcheon. He left a strong impression by reporting his debut goal in 5 games, so the head coach and seniors are praising him. 안전놀이터

Director Seong Han-soo of Kim Cheon said, “Kim Min-joon showed a good appearance. We have great offensive resources. He was still used in the second half because the linkage or pattern play was not suitable for use in the first half. When discharged players come out, we will discuss with the coaching staff and devise ways to adapt and utilize them.”

Kim Min-jun has a brilliant talent in the opponent’s final third. In the match against Jeonnam, he was substituted in the 38th minute of the second half and shook the net with quick movements and shooting in the 43rd minute.

Kwon Chang-hoon, who is two months away from being discharged, also praised him. He said, “I saw Minjun for the first time in Gimcheon. It is a stage where we are getting to know each other while living together and playing soccer. In terms of soccer, he saw him play in Ulsan and played head-to-head,” he said. “I came to the army really quickly. He has the talent to show himself here. There is no doubt about his ability. Nickname is Marez. we call that He gives his best for the team,” giving his successor a thumbs up.

Like this, Kim Min-jun, who is loved by director Seong Han-soo and sergeant Kwon Chang-hoon, has another driving force. ‘Father’ Myung-bo Hong is the manager of Ulsan. Kim Min-joon is the same age as director Hong Myung-bo’s son. He was taught and cared for.

Kim Min-jun said, “Director Hong Myung-bo called me after enlisting. He took 2 years of his time and I was grateful. I don’t know if the coach will be in Ulsan after I’m discharged or not, but I think it would be an honor if I keep doing it,” he said. gave he praised He told me to play as many games as possible and to raise my senses.”

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