“Please look forward to the new Gayoung again.”

Gayoung Lee has a nickname. It is ‘Gayoung Again’. It means ‘another second-class Ga-yeong’. In 2019, she made her debut on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour and only finished runner-up four times. She was followed by the disgrace of ‘she specializes in runner-up’. Lee Ga-young succeeded in the ’98th round of 97′ at the Dongbu Construction/Korea Land Trust Championship in October of last year. She came out of a terrible championship drought. In an interview with Asia Economic Daily on the 24th, Lee Ga-young said, “I will make a new Ga-young again this year,” and she said, “Please remember Ga-young, who won again.”

Lee Ga-young did well during her amateur days. Since 2015, she has been a member of the national team for three years and has been called the strongest player in junior women’s golf with her peer Choi Hye-jin. In 2018, she won two wins on the Dream (Part 2) Tour and was seeded for the regular tour as she ranked third in the prize money rankings (85,915,534 won). Expectations were raised that she would become a regular on the KLPGA tour as well. But she suffered a series of hardships. Twenty-two times she was in the ‘Top 10’ before winning, but she fell just short of the last 2%. She was often knocked down in the final round.

Lee Ga-young said calmly, “She had a hard time at the time when she didn’t win,” but said, “She doesn’t necessarily think that being runner-up is a failure.” She continued, “Even if she doesn’t win, I think it’s meaningful for her to consistently rank in the ‘Top 10’.” did

Lee Ga-young, who escaped the runner-up jinx, made up for what she lacked in Thai field training to take a leap forward. She was scheduled to leave on January 15th and return on March 4th. For about 48 days she focused only on practicing in Thailand. “She focused on checking her short game, her approach around the green, and her putter,” she explained. “I felt the importance of her stamina while running on her tour,” he added. “She did weight training and core training every day.”

Lee Ga-young is mentored by Kim Se-young, who is active on the LPGA tour, and Kim Ha-neul, who retired after winning a total of 14 wins in Korea and Japan. She is close because she learned together under coach Lee Kyung-hoon. Lee Ga-young said, “Se-young is a pro I respect. It’s just nice to be with her.” Regarding Kim Ha-neul, she said, “Sister Haneul shows the temperament of a winner when the chance to win comes.”

Gayoung Lee’s strength is consistency. He handles drivers, irons and putters well. I am especially confident with my bunker shots. In 2014, Choi Kyung-ju was selected as the 7th golf dreamer and learned the bunker shot. Lee Ga-young said, “I can’t forget the bunker shot I learned from professional Choi Kyung-ju.” “I brought a new wedge, but the groove was so sweet that it was shaped like a coin,” he said, stressing that the bunker is always OK. In the words of ‘Ask amateur golfers for bunker tips’, he said, “A bunker shot is not about hitting the ball first. It is about hitting the sand behind the ball and letting it escape with the explosive power.” Advised. 토토사이트

Lee Ga-young is a warm-hearted player. In December of last year, he donated 10 million won to the Choi Kyung-ju Foundation. Lee Ga-young said with a smile, “I remember with gratitude the time I received various support, including practice rounds, during winter training abroad with Choi Kyung-joo, a dream golfer.” Lee Ga-young participated in ‘Dream With Buddy’, a representative sharing activity program of the KLPGA Tour last year. He promised 20,000 won per birdie, and earned 5.56 million won by catching a total of 278 birdies. He is the player with the highest donation of ‘Dream With Buddy’ last year. Lee Ga-young said, “I decided to participate in this program again this year. Whenever a buddy appears, I will donate to a good place.”

Lee Ga-young has many strong supporters. They are the members of the fan club ‘Gayoung Donghwa’. He explained, “It was created two years ago, and the number of members is over 900.” Every week, 15 people come to the competition hall to cheer. When he won his first championship last year, he also kept his promise to buy beef for his fan club members. Lee Ga-young said, “In the case of ordinary office workers, they sometimes take vacations to come,” and said, “I am really grateful.” Gayoung Donghwa members also followed Gayoung Lee’s field training in Thailand. He also introduced the episode, saying, “There was a person who shed tears when he won the championship, but he thought it was his father and kept the camera on him.”

Lee Ga-young set the goal of 1 win in the first half of this year and 1 win in the second half. He expressed confidence, saying, “I want to make a better season than last year,” and “I will win at least two wins.” At the Mediheal and Hankook Ilbo Championships, which ended on the 13th, he took 3rd place and protested for the championship. Lee Ga-young said, “The shot is good,” and “the point at which the score is well managed.” He smiled broadly, saying “I will only deliver good news this year” and “I will try to write the beautiful ‘Gayeong’s Fairy Tale’.”

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