Won Jong-beom (Gangwon-do Office, photo) won gold, silver, and bronze medals each at the ‘2023 Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships’.

On the 12th, Won Jong-beom won the gold medal in the men’s 96kg class jerk lifting 211kg at the Jinju Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeongsangnam-do. In the snatch, he won the bronze medal with a record of 171 kg, and in the total, he won the silver medal with a record of 382 kg.토토사이트

Meanwhile, at this event, which ended on the 13th, Korea won 1 gold medal (Women’s 76kg class, Kim Soo-hyun) and 5 silver medals (Women’s 87kg class, Yoon Ha-je, 87kg or above class Park Hye-jeong, Men’s 67kg class, Lee Sang-yeon, 96kg class). Won Jong-beom, 102kg Jin Yoon-seong) and 4 bronze medals (Women’s 76kg Minji Lee, 87kg+ Son Young-hee, Men’s 81kg Hyung-oh Park, 102kg Jang Yeon-hak) won. They placed 3rd in terms of gold medals and 2nd in terms of total number of medals.

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