China’s professional basketball has been overturned due to match fixing. Who can see it, they deliberately played sloppily and sloppily, conceding 10 points in one minute.

This is reporter Oh Seon-min.


< Shanghai 108:104 Jiangsu | China Professional Basketball Playoff Game 3 (Last 14th) > The

pass passed the teammate who raised his hand and asked for the ball, and the pass easily went over to the opponent and scored. 토토사이트

[Local Broadcaster: What is this? Shanghai catches it again and scores.]

Under the goalpost, the ball is missed due to sloppy defense, and the dribble breakthrough is in vain.

Even if embarrassing mistakes continue, the coach just sits upright when he sees players protesting against the referee.

It was a game where they were leading by 4 points, but they gave up 10 points in 1 minute and did not call the operation time even with 36 seconds left until the end.

When the story of “treating the crowd as an idiot” came out in the absurdly overturned game, the Chinese Basketball Association launched an investigation, and as a result of the audit, it was revealed that both teams alternately ‘slowed up’.

Shanghai deliberately lost the second game to pull the return of Bledsoe, who was suspended for four games, and Jiangsu did not do their best in the third game.

In the end, the two teams were eliminated and fined 950 million won.

Shanghai coach was suspended for 5 years and Jiangsu coach was suspended for 3 years.

Chinese basketball legend and current president of the Chinese Basketball Association, Yao Ming, said, “It’s heartbreaking,” and “In sports, trust is more important than skill.”

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