“I want to help the national team achieve good results.”

On the 1st, the Korea Volleyball Association released a list of 16 players participating in the 4th AVC Challenger Men’s Tournament to be held in Taiwan from July 8th to 15th.

And I was able to find the name of Hwang Kyung-min at the outside heater seat. After transferring from Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance to KB Insurance in the 2022-2023 season, Hwang Kyung-min immediately took a place as the main outside heater.

His personal record was also good. He performed evenly in both offense and defense, including 3rd in time-lag offense, 7th in defense, 9th in dig, 10th in offense and 13th in scoring. Thanks to these performances, Hwang Gyeong-min boarded Imdo-heon-ho.

Hwang Kyung-min, who had a phone interview with <The Spike> on the 3rd, said, “I feel grateful to be in the national team this time, following last year’s FIVB Volleyball Challenger Cup, and it is an honor for me.” He expressed his feelings about being selected.크크크벳

Looking at this list, the lower average age is noticeable. Instead of veterans who have led the national team for a long time, a large number of young players who showed good performances in the V-League were on board. Hwang Gyeong-min also said that he was surprised when he first saw the roster. He said, “When I first checked, I was surprised because there were so many young players. Still, the older brothers who led the national team are older, so it is only natural that there is a generational change. We have to do well,” he said.

Hwang Kyung-min was selected for the first adult national team at the 2022 FIVB Volleyball Challenger Cup held in Seoul last year and showed off his true value in front of domestic fans. Hwang Kyung-min recalled that time, saying, “The four days of last year’s Challenger Cup were the most meaningful and most fun moments in my volleyball life.”

But he didn’t finish well. He suffered a torn left calf muscle in the 3rd-4th place match against the Czech Republic. In the end, I couldn’t join the AVC (Asian Volleyball Confederation) Cup that followed. “He personally felt that his skills were improving during the Challenger Cup. So, if I had gone all the way to the AVC Cup, I think it would have been an opportunity to grow one step further, but I was very disappointed. After his injury, I had to improve his physical condition again, so it was hard both physically and mentally.”

Hwang Kyung-min wants to win the FIVB Challenger Cup, which he failed to achieve last year. However, in order to do so, he must win the AVC Challenger Cup to qualify for the FIVB Challenger Cup. Hwang Kyung-min said, “Recently, Korea has not been able to appear on VNL, but I think we need to raise it from the beginning. I also want to help the national team achieve good results by working hard.”

Finally, Hwang Kyung-min told the fans, “The players are always preparing hard with the goal of winning. If you show a lot of support, I will make sure to repay you with the best results possible.”

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