There was a game against the Hong Kong team on the 1st, so I was excited even before I left the field. Because I had never played against a Hong Kong team and I didn’t have much information. I thought Thailand was the best at baseball in Southeast Asia, but the Hong Kong team beat the Thai team 15-8 in yesterday’s match. Hearing this news, he was shocked.

How the hell did the Hong Kong team play baseball so well? I was so curious to see the match between the Thai team and the Hong Kong team, but the Thai team was no match for the Hong Kong team. I had heard and known for a long time that the Philippine team did well in Southeast Asia, but I really did not know that the Hong Kong team would do so well.

During the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games in Indonesia, he wore a uniform and entered the dugout to encourage the players. During the 13th East Asian Cup Baseball Championship, I was in charge, so I went up to the crowd behind the catcher and watched the entire game. I wanted to see with my own eyes how well the Hong Kong team was doing.

I knew from the start of the match with the Hong Kong team that I was inferior in all aspects of skill, from the fungo practice, but I really did not expect that there would be such a big difference in skills. It’s unfortunate in today’s game, but I suffered a cold game loss with 0-18 in the 5th inning.

I checked on the Internet how the Hong Kong team ranked in world baseball, and it was 54th. And the Philippines is ranked 42nd in the world. The Thai team was ranked 79th in the world and the Lao team was ranked 83rd, the world’s last. Of course, the Vietnamese baseball team is ranked 84th, one step below Laos.

The Philippine team or the Hong Kong team are teams that have been playing baseball for a long time so that the history of baseball cannot be matched. Compared to that, Laos, which is still in its infancy, has a long way to go. Both the coaches and the players must have learned and felt a lot through today’s game.

In order for Laos baseball not to become a frog in the well, director Kim Hyun-min will have to teach and lead the players to try harder and focus more on the lacking parts ahead of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, which are only a few months away. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

After all the games, the staff gathered. We had a candid discussion about the game that day. Even if no one talks about today’s game, the players will already know it first. And coach Kim Hyun-min, who watched the entire game, would already know what the Laos national team players are lacking and what they need to focus on, even if I don’t tell them directly.

A game is a game, whether amateur or professional. We must not forget this. When playing games, the mindset should be different from usual. What I want to ask Laos players or leaders is that coach Kim Hyun-min must constantly talk to the players so that they can distinguish two things.

It is said that sports are something to enjoy, but the leaders of each event turn into a winner when they enter the stadium. It’s not about winning or losing the game. Even if you lose when you lose, the eyes of the players in the game should be the eyes of an angry beast.

The process of struggling in the world of competition will also be another lesson for players living their lives. In life, I look forward to seeing the eyes of the players who turn into angry beasts the moment they enter the ground, even though they are mild-mannered.

If you have taught baseball to young players so far, you must teach players what the game is like from now on.

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