Yongin Samsung Life Insurance gathered at the Yongin Samsung Training Center (STC) on the morning of the 28th after a long time. After the playoff against BNK Some in Busan on March 14, each of them spent a sweet vacation, and conducted a simple basic test before preparing for the season properly. If the test is passed, the vacation is extended by two weeks. Athletes who are in rehabilitation and Lee Hae-ran and Jo Soo-ah, who left for Japan exchange matches, participated.

Under the guidance of trainer Kim Min-kyu, the athletes gathered in the gym to measure their body balance through InBody. 1RM (maximum weight that can be lifted at one time) and flexibility were measured in squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. Afterwards, they moved to the practice court and performed a shuttle run to check their cardiorespiratory endurance. 1st place was taken by Kim Yoo-sun, the youngest. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

No one failed the test. All players who participated received passing marks and received an additional two weeks vacation. The benchmark for the test was the individual’s measurement results from the previous season. Kang Yoo-rim, Kim Han-bi, and Kim Na-yeon showed off their physical condition compared to last season.

Trainer Kim Min-kyu said, “The purpose of the test is to prevent injuries that may occur when training begins. Being overweight can lead to injuries to your knees and back. The players have built their bodies better than I thought. Everyone received a passing grade,” he praised the team.

Kim Na-yeon (23, 180cm), who participated in the test, said, “I was a little pressured and nervous (laughs). She actually ran every other day a week like a shuttle runner for testing. She ran whenever she had a chance, so she didn’t think that she couldn’t pass the standard. She thought hip trust might be difficult, but when she heard it, it was too light,” she said after testing.

When asked how she spent her vacation, she replied, “She has been at the hostel since about three weeks ago. After she worked out hard, she even went out and played. There were days when she voluntarily worked out with me on the weekends. She’s also a test on vacation, but she didn’t want her pride hurt when she didn’t pass the test,” she laughs.

Last season, Samsung Life Insurance couldn’t come out with all their might due to injuries to Yoon Ye-bin, Lee Ju-yeon, and Kiana Smith. But the new season is different. Players who suffered injuries are returning one by one after rehabilitation.

Kim Na-yeon said, “I think I will be able to work out in a more energetic atmosphere since everyone is back. My goal since last season was not to get hurt. It’s not going my way, but I want to make my body fit right from the beginning of the new season. I want to go out with the Park Shin-ja Cup and grow step by step, half a step at a time,” revealing her aspirations.

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