The expression of Lee Joon, who returned to Bahrain after a long absence, was bright. They were preparing for the tournament confidently and joyfully without losing proper tension and sense of responsibility.

On the afternoon of the 12th (hereafter local time), the Korean Air team conducted simple weight training at a fitness center near their accommodation. Previously, morning ball training was scheduled, but the schedule was adjusted to manage the condition of the players. The players prepared for the upcoming match by focusing on the parts that needed reinforcement.

Lee Joon gave an interview with <The Spike> during a brief break during training. First of all, when asked if there were any problems with adapting to the local environment, Lee Joon said, “The team is managing my condition well. I usually sleep a lot, so I sleep well. Local food doesn’t suit me a lot, but fortunately he has a lot of things he brought from Korea, so he’s eating well,” he gave a brave answer.

Lee Joon revealed, “When I was in my second year of high school, I came to Bahrain to play in a national team game for each age group.” The city itself is much better than it was back then,” he said, telling how he felt about returning to Bahrain.카지노사이트

In this tournament, Korean Air plans to solve the game centering on Yoo Kwang-woo and Jeong Jin-hyeok. Lee Joon said, “In Korea, (Jung) Jin-hyeok and (Yu) Kwang-woo have been working together a lot. My condition seems to be fine too. I don’t think there will be any problems with playing the game.” Regarding the tight schedule with only one day of rest throughout the tournament, Lee Joon said, “I don’t have any particular worries. It’s my first time experiencing something like this, but I don’t think it’s bad to try something like this once.”

However, Lee Joon did not regard this tournament as a mere place of experience. Lee Joon said, “Of course, I came to this tournament to gain experience, but as a player, it is good to do well. Also, he came here on behalf of Korea, so I think he should take part in the tournament with a sense of responsibility as a representative of Korea.”

Currently, all Korean Air players use a double room at the accommodation. When asked who his roommate was, Lee Joon replied, “(Jung) Ji-seok is my older brother,” and expressed satisfaction with a smile, saying, “Ji-seok hyung treats me so comfortably and thinks of me a lot, so I’m getting along well without any problems.”

Concluding the interview, Lee Joon said, “I am so grateful to the fans who support me and Korean Air. Whenever it is difficult, I endure it with the support of the fans. I will do my best to repay you with good grades,” he conveyed his sincere thanks to the fans.

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