Miguel Cabrera (40, Detroit), a genius hitter representing the major leagues, is spending his last season as an active player. The eight-year, $240 million (approximately 318.8 billion won) contract with Detroit ends this year.

The option exists, but it’s unlikely that Detroit will execute it. The player himself has expressed to some extent that this year will be his last. He has stated that “he will only play until 2023”. At the away stadium Cabrera visits, the delivery of souvenirs honoring his achievements continues. He deserves respect.

A Hall of Fame inductee is certain. Until the 21st (Korean time), he played 2721 games for 21 years in his major league career. He is a pinch hitter with a career batting average of 0.307, 3102 hits, 507 home runs and 1851 RBIs. He is also one of the few players to achieve 500 home runs -3000 hits simultaneously. In 2012 and 2013, he won the American League MVP for two consecutive years, and the decorations he wears are also splendid.

However, his last season is going too sadly. It’s clear that Cabrera isn’t a player in his prime. His grades continued to decline. Fans seemed to agree to some extent. But his performance this year is serious. It’s a threat that will put a stain on Cabrera’s career.먹튀검증

Cabrera has played 22 games of the season until the 21st, but he is only batting 0.182. There are no home runs here. When he thinks of the past when he hit more than 30 home runs like a meal, he feels out of place. His OPS, the sum of his on-base percentage and slugging percentage, is just 0.462.

It is said that his performance has dropped a lot over the past three years due to a struggle with injuries, but his batting average over the previous three years was 0.254. He was a hitter who hit 2.5 even if he didn’t. However, it is difficult for him to exceed 20% of his batting average this year. Even if he doesn’t expect long hits, his batting average should be maintained to some extent, but he can’t. His lowest batting average in Cabrera’s career was .249 in 2017.

He has no power on the batted ball itself. On top of that, his feet are noticeably slower, so there are many cases where even a good ball is out. His average exit velocity, which reached 93.8 miles (about 151 km) in 2015, has dropped to 88.3 miles (about 142 km) this year, a personal career low.

Comerica Park has a scoreboard to commemorate Cabrera’s hits and home runs. These days, it’s not easy to go over one by one. Attention is focusing on whether the genius hitter will be able to keep his final pride. Cabrera’s current career OPS is .905, so it’s interesting to see if he can break the .900 wall.

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