At one time, he was a promising left-handed pitcher. However, now he is facing a wall of reality and is in danger of taking off his professional uniform.온라인카지노

On the night of the 3rd, Kang Ri-ho (Gaemyeongjeon Kang Yun-gu) broadcast live through his SNS account. It was a pre-announced broadcast. Not only fans curious about his future, but also his fellow baseball players accessed and listened to his story. Kang Ri-ho is one of the remaining four unsigned free agents. As of February 4th, free agents who have not signed a contract are Kang Ri-ho, Kwon Hee-dong, Lee Myeong-gi, and Jeong Chan-heon. He has already crossed the margin line for a long time. All 10 clubs departed overseas and started official spring camp schedules, but they still haven’t signed contracts.

Among the unsigned players, Kang Ri-ho’s situation seemed to be the best. Compared to players who did not even receive a proposal from their original team, Kang Ri-ho did receive an offer from his original club, the Lotte Giants, to ‘freeze his salary’. However, in the end, it was the result of confirming only the difference in position between the club and the player. His frustration was greater when Kang Ri-ho directly revealed his feelings through social media. He expressed his gratitude to Lotte fans several times in his broadcast, and honestly revealed his concerns about his most fundamental baseball life. In Lotte, where there are many fast-paced pitchers, he had no choice but to have a narrow position, and he revealed that he had a lot of time feeling shabby because of the lack of business trip opportunities. Regarding the controversy over the right to reserve, which became an issue in the negotiations with Lotte, he explained, “I didn’t mean to leave Lotte after a year.

Public opinion is that even the fans who have been negative to Kang Ri-ho’s confession of heart, ‘I understand the position’. It is a realistic concern of a player who is not a ‘great fish’, and it explains to some extent why he took an ‘adventure’ by declaring free agency despite the club’s disapproval.

But the problem is then reality. There is no other club that is coldly trying to recruit Kang Ri-ho. Kang Ri-ho also said, “I couldn’t find a team until January and told my agent, ‘I think I have to stop. I don’t think there will be a place in the professional league.’ did. He emphasized that he had no desire to retire right away, but there is no other option in the KBO league other than staying at Lotte right away.

Most of the clubs have already completed the composition of the new season, and unless a dramatic reversal occurs, it is unlikely that an unexpected exit will be opened for players who have not signed free agents. The same goes for Kang Ri-ho, who directly confessed his feelings to the fans, saying that he wants to play more baseball. The players may first accept Lotte’s conditions, or they may find another way. Where will his baseball life go, as he is also considering overseas leagues? He is still young at 33 years of age. He was at a crossroads.

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