UFC fighter Chan Sung Jung, 36, has been hailed as a legend in all sports.

“The man known as the Korean Zombie is a legend in mixed martial arts, and in sports in general,” said Swedish media outlet MMA Nut in a feature on the history of the UFC on 18 January.

Chung made Korean sports history by winning the featherweight (-66kg) title from 2013-2022 in the UFC, the world’s largest mixed martial arts organisation. His nine consecutive UFC main event fights since 2012 is a feat that will be hard to replicate.메이저놀이터

“With his fierce grappling and heavy punches for his weight class, Chung has delivered several spectacular finishes in the UFC,” said MMA Nut, explaining why he is considered a “legend”.

For his debut and third victory, Chung was named to the UFC’s “Top 10 Featherweight Submissions of All Time” in May 2022. He was also praised as “one of the greatest ground-and-pound masters in any weight class.”

In 2011, Chung earned his first UFC victory by submitting Leonard Garcia (44-USA) with a “Twister,” a choke that grabs the entirety of his spine and cervical spine. Fourteen months later, he submitted future lightweight (-70kg) interim champion Dustin Poirier (34-USA) with a ‘rear-naked choke’.

The UFC’s “Top 6 Mixed Martial Arts Accomplishments” for March 2022 included knockout victories over Mark Hominick (41-Canada) and Frankie Edgar (42-U.S.). Hominick is a featherweight title challenger and Edgar is a former lightweight regular champion.

‘MMA Nut’ summarised Chung’s strengths as a mixed martial artist as ▲ punches that find gaps in opponents’ defences ▲ grappling that is almost desperate ▲ and intense pounding.

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