With the sincere response of the people around me, I was able to respond quickly to emergencies.

An emergency patient occurred during the match between Seongnam FC and Gimpo FC. The day was very hot and humid. In the midst of a storm in the morning, although the rain had stopped, the humidity was still there. As the sun rose here, the temperature rose. It was the same even after the sun went down. A patient came out while high temperature and high humidity covered the stadium.먹튀검증

A fan in the black zone (referring to the Seongnam home crowd) complained of shortness of breath in the middle of the second half (around 8:10). While many people gathered in a small space and cheered, it was found that the humidity and heat added to the difficulty of breathing. The club’s photographer first discovered it, and the fans around them also grasped the situation.

As the match progressed, the security team called the medical team. The medical team ran quickly and climbed into the black zone. The patient, who was talking to the medical staff, got up and left the home crowd with the support of the officials. An ambulance is always on standby at the stadium in case of an emergency. The fan who complained of difficulty breathing was helped and taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance under the guidance of a security team and a Seongnam official.

An official from Seongnam said, “I only heard that he went to a nearby hospital. We plan to figure out the condition of the fan later.” The news came around 11:00 PM. “The collapsed fan said there was nothing wrong with the test results. I heard that the other fans at the scene actively cooperated, so they were transported quickly. They delivered a neck fan to try to lower the temperature, and as the game continued, even while cheering, Black Zone fans They quickly opened the way and the patient was quickly sent to an ambulance.”

In the future, hot and humid weather is expected to continue. It is also a situation that cannot be easily predicted as the weather keeps changing like a goblin. Enjoying football is important, but the most important thing is safety. Individual attention is required, and when an emergency occurs, promptly notify the surroundings, and like today’s game, consideration and prompt response from the people around you are required.

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