Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop has shown the standard of an interview well since his active days.

Called ‘the author of the best interviews’ among his fans, it was evaluated that his interview skills improved even more while working as a commentator. Coach Lee Seung-yeop, who came to Daegu for the first time as Doosan Command Tower on the 25th, presented an exemplary answer to the interview. 

Wearing a Doosan uniform and visiting Daegu Samsung Lions Park, he said, “I don’t feel anything special yet. I don’t think I really have any thoughts. It seems to have happened,” he said. 

He also added, “I just thought about whether I could play in the rain when I came out of the dorm today, and how I would take the pitcher rotation if it was canceled in the rain.”  토토사이트

Coach Lee Seung-yeop, a Samsung Lions franchise star during his active career and the club’s third permanent member, began his leadership career at Doosan. From a Samsung fan’s point of view, the image of manager Lee Seung-yeop wearing a Doosan uniform rather than a Samsung one would be unfamiliar and sad. 

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “I cannot forget the love I received from the fans while playing for Samsung as a player. I was born and raised here and had a good time. Now, as a leader, I am wearing a Doosan uniform and I have to devote myself to Doosan. I believe that Samsung fans will understand. Now we have to clearly distinguish between public and private affairs.” 

On the wall of the right outfield stands at the Daegu Samsung Lions Park, manager Lee Seung-yeop’s face and the number 36 during his active career are engraved. Under the mural, there is a large baseball with the handprint of manager Lee Seung-yeop and 626, the total number of home runs in Korea and Japan. 

He said, “I saw my mural in the right outfield when I was asked to look at it during a broadcast interview, but I didn’t feel much. In fact, it’s also a picture on my smartphone. 

Director Lee Seung-yeop showed the standard of an interview properly. Reporters who visited the Daegu Samsung Lions Park that day also praised director Lee Seung-yeop for his high-quality interview skills. 

It is clear that just because you are good at speaking, your interview skills do not improve. You just have to have the right mindset. It seems that some politicians who make mistakes should learn interview skills as much as director Lee Seung-yeop’s skills and character.

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