Manchester United are aiming for Benfica’s Joao Neves.

Italy’s leading media ‘Di Marzio’ said on the 29th (Korean time), “Man Utd is interested in Neves. Born in 2004, he made his debut at Benfica last season and has already reached the stage of the UEFA Champions League (UCL). He was also one of the key players in winning the Portuguese league.”안전놀이터

He is a promising midfielder from Portugal. Although his physical is not outstanding, he shows high potential for development on both sides of the offense and defense, and in addition to his main position, central midfielder, he can play a variety of positions from second striker to defensive midfielder and left fullback.

He quickly established himself. He made his adult debut in the 2021-22 season and expanded his playing time in the 2022-23 season. He played 17 matches in the league and scored his debut goal, and also showed his presence in the UCL by appearing in 3 matches and posting 1 assist.

Neves showed the talent to grow into a star. Accordingly, Manchester United wants to bring him early.

He is a young player, but it seems that the transfer fee will cost a lot. It is because the opponent is ‘Colossus’ Benfica. Benfica is famous as a team that does business well within European football. They bring in players with high growth potential cheaply and sell them at a high price after 2-4 years. João Felix is ​​representative, Darwin Núñez, Ruben Dias, and Raul Jimenez are representative. Last summer, he sold Enzo Fernandez to Chelsea and received a whopping 121 million euros (approximately 173.8 billion won) as a transfer fee. This was the highest ever in the English Premier League (EPL).

As mentioned, the transfer fee is relatively small. While the highest transfer fee income is about 200 billion won, the highest transfer fee expenditure is only 44.25 million euros (approximately 63.5 billion won). Even Enzo, Nuñez, Jimenez, etc., who are in the rankings, were all sent out at a higher price than the cost.

Of course, the possibility of transfer is still not high. It’s because it’s just ‘interest’. Manchester United have a lot of transfers to deal with before Neves. Mason Mount negotiations must also be finalized and David de Gea’s future must be decided, while his replacement must be brought in. In addition, there are many positions to be strengthened, such as striker and center back.

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