SSG Landers will face the leader LG Twins in the 13th game of the season at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 16th. SSG is inferior with 4 wins and 8 losses. 스포츠토토

SSG had a rest day with no games on the 15th. As KIA suffered an upset loss to Doosan on the 15th, SSG became 4th, 0.5 games ahead. 

On this day, SSG’s starter against LG was Oh Won-seok. He has 6 wins, 8 losses, and an ERA of 5.48 in 23 games this season. Although he was pushed out of the regulation inning, he is performing poorly with the lowest ERA in the league. 

It is especially weak against LG. He has made two starts this season, with two losses and an earned run average of 12.60. He was battered, allowing 6 runs in 5 innings and 8 runs in 5 innings, respectively.

Coach Kim Won-hyung was worried at Jamsil Stadium on the 16th, saying, “There is rain in the forecast…” If the game is canceled on this day, it will be reorganized on Monday (18th) and a 9-game series will be played until next weekend. 

-I think there will be a lot of concerns about the starting rotation. 

I do what I always do, but if it’s canceled due to rain, I do what’s natural. I have to decide whether this player or that player will be better, and I think that the result should be good, but it’s not difficult to do as I always do. 

-Oh Won-seok is particularly weak against LG. 

If Won-seok doesn’t go out, (Moon) Seung-won has to throw. Looking at the records, they were almost similar. Their records against LG are almost similar. LG has a lot of left-handed hitters, so I think Wonseok is better. 

-I think I will be worried if I continue to perform poorly even today.

Tomorrow’s double header will feature (Kim) Gwanghyeon and McCarty. If today’s game is postponed and the game is played on Monday, (Moon) Seung-won may play. (Park) Jong-hoon may go out on Tuesday. 

-What do you think of Seo Jin-yong’s recent slump? (Seo Jin-yong took the mound in the 9th inning against Doosan on the 14th with a 2-0 lead, gave up 3 runs, and suffered a walk-off loss) He

blew (save) once in Daejeon last week, and pitched 2 good innings and saved 1 inning against KT. We were in a bad situation the other day (against Doosan), that’s possible, but I think it was a very big game from a team perspective. 

I thought the best process and result would be to go head-to-head with pinch hitter Kim In-tae and block him after two outs. However, he had a hard time winning and was sent out on a walk.

It seems that the pitcher on the mound decided that the batter was having a hard time, and that if he hit, the score would be tied. But if you think about it the other way around, if the batter goes out, steals another base and gets to second or third base, you now become a come-from-behind runner. The next hit feels bigger. 

Even if it was hit, in a situation where the score was tied, it was better to compete with the batter and get hit, or block it, and the most disappointing thing was not seeing the result. 

-How is Seo Jin-yong performing these days?

Now that things are a little more difficult physically, I feel like my pitches and forkball pitches have increased. Even on the 2nd strike, it comes to the center and makes contact. Previously, it was a missed hit or a missed swing, but it ended up making contact. We need to encourage the bench to compete more aggressively and boldly.

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