Maru Gaming became the owner of the 4 matches on the 1st day of the Battleground Mobile Pro Series (PMPS) 2023 season 2 final.

On the 30th, the first day of the Battleground Mobile Pro Series (PMPS) 2023 season 2 finale was held.토토사이트

The 4 matches on the first day were held in Erangel.

In the first magnetic field, the eliminated team did not appear. From the second magnetic field, full-scale casualties began to appear, and the first eliminated team became Inve Armada.

After that, Team GP, Eagle Owls, and Vegai Sports followed suit and were eliminated. By the sixth magnetic field, more than half of the teams had left the battlefield.

The top four teams in this match were covered by the seventh magnetic field. The protagonists are Nongshim Red Force, Maru Gaming, EM Texttom X, and TNL Esports.

As a result of the battle between them, Maru Gaming was the final winner. They took 8 kills with chicken in this match, and they scored a total of 18 points (10 chicken points + 8 kill points).

On the other hand, ‘PUBG Mobile Pro Series (PMPS) 2023’ is a professional league that covers the best team in Korea for PUBG Mobile. It consists of a total of three seasons, and each season has a prize of 70 million won.

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