Lee Jung-hoo, who declared a major league challenge after this season, entered the last spring camp with Kiwoom.

In order to quickly adapt to the ball, which is a key task for success in the big leagues, he is sweating by changing his batting stance early on.

This is reporter Park Jae-woong from Arizona.

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The last field training in 스포츠토토 the Kiwoom uniform.

Lee Jung-hoo was fierce from the first day.

The biggest concern right now is the ability to adapt to fast balls.

The average velocity of a fastball in the major leagues is 151 km/h, which is much faster than the KBO league, which is 144 km/h.

Knowing that the ability to quickly cope with the ball determines success or failure in the big leagues, I have been conducting intensive training even before joining the camp.

[Lee Jung-hoo / Kiwoom]
“I hit 100 mph. Ha Sung-hyung saw about 270 balls from 96 mph to 103 mph this season. Actually, I could only hit 4 or 5 balls from 96 mph to 103 mph this year. I saw it.”

Following the advice of his senior Kim Ha-seong, he boldly changed his batting stance.

In his preparation to strike, he narrowed his wide-spread legs and also lowered his arm position.

A simplified swing reduces the reaction time required to hit.

[Lee Jung-hoo / Kiwoom]
“In the old days, the legs were spread this much. If there were this much and the arms were here, the start itself came from here and came out like this even when taking back, but now it has changed like this. The arms have been lowered and changed like this. It seems to have changed just by looking at it. It has changed like this.”

In fact, the determination to face the WBC next month, which will be a showcase for entering the major leagues, is also different.

[Lee Jung-hoo / Kiwoom]
“I think that if I am called by the country, I have to go. I feel a sense of responsibility to do better.”

As the only captain in his 20s among 10 clubs, his goal for fall baseball was also clear.

[Lee Jeong-hoo / Kiwoom]
“I don’t really want to do anything other than win. Last year, we said that we shouldn’t forget the regretful feelings we had during our last match, but it seems like we’ve forgotten a lot. I really can’t forget…”

Make the WBC a memorable stage … After reaching the top of the KBO league…Lee Jung-hoo will advance to the major leagues.

The winter of Lee Jung-hoo, who is aiming for all three rabbits, is already hot.

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