players and insurance premiums? Self-proclaimed ‘strongest ever’ Japan, worried because there are many big leaguers

The Japanese media describes the 스포츠토토 WBC national team as ‘the strongest ever’.

This is because all active major leaguers such as Ohtani and Darvish are participating, and for the first time ever, a Japanese major leaguer was selected for the national team.

However, one difficulty arose.

These major leaguers can join the national team five days before the finals.

Japan, where the main outfielders including Yoshida, Nutba, and Suzuki are all big leaguers, was in a situation where there were not enough outfielders to stand up against pro clubs.

For this reason, we are even considering a plan to temporarily field players who have not been selected for the national team.

NPB even prepared insurance money to early call major leaguers to the national team camp starting on the 17th of this month.

The longer the WBC participation period, the higher the insurance premium, but this part is paid in Japan.

Insurance issues are just the beginning. You must also agree with the club.

Even Darvish, who will be the only one to join on the first day of camp, predicted that it would be difficult for the other four major leaguers to join early.

On the 2nd, Darvish expressed his opinion that “it is difficult for other players to join at the same time” while receiving questions from fans on social media.

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