Kim Bo-reum and Roh Seon-young, who had a court battle over the controversy over ‘bullying driving’, won the final part of the lawsuit.

According to the legal community on the 13th, the judgment was finalized as both sides did not appeal within the deadline after the judgment of the appellate court of the damages lawsuit filed by Mr. Kim against Mr. Roh.

The 13th civil division of the Seoul High Court (presiding judge Moon Kwang-seop) ruled in favor of some of the plaintiffs as in the first trial in the appeals trial on the 21st of last month. The court upheld the first-instance ruling that Mr. Roh pay Mr. Kim 3 million won, but ruled that each person should bear the cost of the appeal.

The two competed before the quarterfinals in the women’s team pursuit at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. Team Pursuit is a game in which the ranking is determined by the record of the runner who crossed the finish line last. In this game, Mr. Roh was pushed back and Korea failed to advance to the semifinals.

At the time, in an interview right after the game, Mr. Kim conducted an interview that seemed to blame Mr. Roh for his sluggishness, and negative public opinion arose strongly.

[Seoul = Newsis] Reporter Choi Jin-seok = Noh Seon-young warms up before participating in the women’s 1000m event on the second day of the ‘100th National Winter Sports Festival Speed ​​Skating’ held at Taereung International Skating Rink in Nowon-gu, Seoul on February 21, 2019. 2019.02.21.

In response, Kim’s side filed a lawsuit for damages of 200 million won in November 2020, saying that Mr. Roh made a false claim. The first trial admitted Mr. Roh’s illegal acts, including some verbal abuse, and ordered Mr. Kim to pay 3 million won in alimony.

The first trial judged that there was no so-called ‘driving bullying’, which was the key to this controversy. Citing the results of a special audit by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the match was judged to have been conducted normally, but the manager’s lack of leadership led to poor results.토스카지노

Both of them were dissatisfied with the first trial, and the appeal trial has been proceeding.

During the appeal process, the judge reacted negatively to the legal solution, saying, “It is true that the case itself is a big deal, but I doubt whether it is good to end it by getting a judgment at once, and I do not think it is a wise solution.”

And when mediation was not established, a decision to substitute mediation (forced mediation) was made twice. Compulsory mediation is a procedure in which a court decides a dispute by setting conditions for reconciliation between the plaintiff and the defendant without adjudication.

Both Kim’s side and Roh’s side filed an objection to the court’s compulsory mediation process, and eventually the forced mediation was canceled.

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